Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Why is Now The Perfect Time to Join CTMH?

If you've been thinking of joining the Close to my Heart family, now is the time! The new and expanded Holiday Expressions Idea Book launches on Sept. 1, but you can join now and have early access to all of the new goodies that will be available to Consultants on Aug. 1! 

Close to my Heart has become such an important part of my life over the last 10 years in so many ways...so I can't help but share the opportunity with you so that you might be able to find the same joy I have!

Here's a peek at what the Idea Book looks like!
Let me tell you, it is packed with so many awesome new products. Including the next Story By Stacy product (from Stacy Julian herself!). We received a new Story By Stacy kit at Convention and I'm having so much fun with it!

The CTMH kit is fully customizable!

The New Consultant kit comes with business essentials such as catalogs, stamps, cardstock, micro-tip scissors, ink, paper samples, and more. Christmas in July, anyone?

Plus you get $50 in CTMH Cash to choose what else you want! 
That's like paying only $25 for all the goodies you see below PLUS you get access to automatic 22% discount on all of your CTMH supplies. That includes what you buy with your $50 in CTMH cash...you get your discount on top of receiving the product credit, so it's an even higher value. WHAAAAAT? I wish I could buy the kit again!

Is this the time for you? 

I recently went to CTMH's Annual Convention in Las Vegas and was blown away by all that the Home Office is doing to set us Consultants up for success. They are helping us in so many ways...coming out with on-trend, awesome new products is just one of them! They are also giving us more tools to host workshops or classes without spending a lot of time prepping and planning, which is a huge perk for me.

I'd love to share all of the new information with you if you join my team

Why Join My Paper Divas Team?

I LOVE my team and am so grateful to be a Director and be able to share my love of CTMH and the knowledge I've learned in my 10 years with the company. We have a private Facebook group where I share tips, artwork, workshop ideas, incentive gifts, and other inside info with them! (And everyone else is encouraged to share, too!) It's a fabulous, interactive, uplifting group I would love for you to be a part of our family, too. 

I was humbled to be recognized onstage at Convention as a new Director. I am truly blessed to be a part of this company and grateful for my amazing team! *mwah!*

Read all about joining my team HERE. I look forward to welcoming you to the Paper Divas!

Please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook if you have any questions at all. 

You can also find me in these places:

I hope you have a blessed day!

P.S. Learn more about joining CTMH here >

P.P.S. Ready to join?  Head here >

Friday, June 22, 2018

50% Off Cricut Collections + More Crafting Discounts!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I can't contain my excitement for today/tomorrow's FLASH SALE!!

CTMH's Cricut collections are 50% off! (With the physical cartridge - good news for those of you with Expressions AND Explore machines!)

But the sale ends tomorrow: Saturday, June 23 at 2:00 PST (5:00 EST).
Shop now or read on...

What's In CTMH's Cricut Collections?

I'm glad you asked! The Cricut collections are regularly $99, and even that is a really great value. You get so much...
  • The Cricut cartridge, which has hundreds of cuts on it (like 700!), including an exclusive font, shapes, and titles.
  • 3 clear acrylic stamp sets which coordinate with cuts on the cartridge! If you are not familiar with CTMH's stamp sets, they are what made me fall in love with this company. They are super high quality.
  • 24 sheets of high-quality cardstock in 12 different colors.
To learn more about each of the Cricut collections in the sale, you can view the page on my blog for each one of them (linked below) or I've also linked to them on my website if you're ready to buy at 50% off! (If it's after 6/23 at 2pm PST the links will still work, but the sale price will sadly be gone.)

Cricut Artbooking: Learn More | Shop

Cricut Artfully Sent: Learn More (YouTube Videos) | Shop

Cricut Artistry: Learn More | Shop

Learn More | Shop

Jewelry Organizer?

This accessory roll-up is pretty cool for your crafting accessories. But it also makes a perfect travel organizer for your jewelry! Each side of the zipper has several small compartments that zip closed, perfect for safe-keeping of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other small jewels you want to keep untangled and safe! Better yet, it's 50% off!

Here's a glimpse at some of the other items on sale. Shop now >

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Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to Print Various Photo Sizes with Canon Selphy Printer for Scrapbooking & Pocket Scrapbooking


Today I'm sharing some tips with you on how I print my photos for use on scrapbook and pocket page layouts (like Project Life or CTMH's Picture my Life). Scroll down for my video tutorial, which will walk you through everything, but I wanted to give some written explanations as well.

Printing Photos On Demand

I like to print my photos on demand because that way I can print them specifically for the layout I'm working on. I like the flexibility because I never know ahead of time which way my design will go! But if you are more of a planner, you can also use these tips for ordering 4x6 prints from a photo site such as FreePrints (they have a great app for ordering right from your phone), Persnickety PrintsCostco, etc. I occasionally use all of these sites for ordering photos.

I use the PicFrame collage app on my iPhone to create 3x4 photos and other sizes such as 2x3 & 4x4, all within a 4x6 collage. In my video, I'll show you how to save the collage as a 4x6 photo to then print to a Selphy photo printer or send to a photo service. It prints via wifi so you can print right from your phone to the printer. It's so handy!

What is the Cost to Print on a Selphy?

Most of the time I use my Canon Selphy to print my photos. It's so handy! I’ve calculated it’s approx 32 cents per 4x6 for ink/paper (based on Amazon's price). I have the Selphy CP910 but there are newer models. Even though it’s more expensive per-photo to print on the Selphy, I end up saving in the long run because I print only what I need in the sizes I need for the project I use them on.

Are the Selphy Prints Archival?

Canon guarantees that the Selphy prints will last for 100 years (and may last longer). The photos also come out of the printer instantly dry, thanks to the clear top coat, so you don't need to worry about smudging ink. This coating also makes it water resistant. My kids have gotten water on some of my prints before using them and I simply wiped them off!

Does the Selphy Print True 4"x6"? What About 5"x7"?

One downside of using the Selphy is that you lose about 1/8” in length, so the final photo is approx. 4” x 5-7/8”. It doesn’t bother me enough to not use it but something to keep in mind. Convenience > 6"! In my video I give some tips on how to avoid any unwanted cropping. There is not a 5x7 printing option, but when I need a 5x7 or larger (not often), I usually order it from a photo site or in a pinch, print on my larger home printer (a Canon PIXMA photo-quality printer).

On to The Video Tutorial/Review!

Here's my video tutorial/review of the Selphy on how to use the PicFrame app, how to save the collage photo, and print on the Selphy. Plus there are also lots of little tips in between from my experience with this process.

(Watch below or in HD on YouTube. If you like this video, please be sure to subscribe to my channel!)


PicFrame App

*I am not being compensated for my thoughts or links to products/services except for products offered through Close to my Heart. I am a Close to my Heart Consultant and if you purchase the photo trimmer or other scrapbooking supplies through me I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you.*

Thursday, May 24, 2018

3 Ways to Add More Photos to Your Scrapbook Layouts | Process Video Using CTMH Postcard Perfect


Today I have another process video to share with you. This covers the last layout I created using the Postcard Perfect Cut Above scrapbook kit. This kit makes me so happy. I love the bright colors and happy, tropical theme. (But as you'll see below, my photos are not super tropically - so it's pretty versatile!) Plus it makes scrapbooking SO easy, anyone can do it, and it is still fun and challenging for those who are seasoned scrapbookers!

In this video, I'll show you 3 ways to add even more photos than the kit called for (these ways can be used on any layout, not just this one). I used my not-so-secret weapon from yesterday's scrapbook process video (Pocket Plus Page Protectors) and combined it with another not-so-secret weapon: Flip Flaps! These products are a match made in heaven for scrappers like me (and probably you, too?) who like to add more photos to our layouts!

Be sure to watch my process video below or over on YouTube to see how I added more photos in 3 ways! Also be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel

In this second process video using CTMH's Postcard Perfect Cut Above Layout Kit, I assembled Layout #2 (find Layouts #1 & #3 here). I added more photos in these 3 ways:
  • Incorporated more photos on the 12x12 layout by printing them smaller and rearranging them slightly.
  • Added a Pocket Plus Page Protector to include in between my layout in my album without obstructing the design or needing to create more layouts for this event.
  • Added a Flip Flap to the Pocket Plus Page protector to add 2 more photos 
(Note: You can also add Flip Flaps onto 12x12 Pocket Pages or 12x12 scrapbook layouts. Be sure to add it to the outside of the page protector.

Isn't this layout adorable? Again, I can't take all the credit...they were pre-designed by CTMH. I added more photos by changing the layout slightly and adding Pocket Plus Page Protectors, but I kept the integrity of the design which kept the embellishing easy! 

I love that this Cut Above layout kit comes with everything pre-cut and pre-designed, INCLUDING page protectors, so all you have to do is assemble and add photos. Easy peasy!

This kit and collection of amazing tropical-themed coordinating products are ONLY available in May 2018 for National Scrapbook Month (NSM). Grab yours >

Here's a look at each 12x12 page individually (without the Pocket Plus).

Want to see everything in this collection close-up? Check out my VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of everything available in the Postcard Perfect Collection.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Easy Scrapbooking - How to Add More Photos to Postcard Perfect Cut Above Kit Layouts 1 & 3 | Process Video


Today I have a process video to share with you. But not just any process video. I'm using a scrapbook kit that makes scrapbooking SO easy, anyone can do it, yet still fun for those who are seasoned scrapbookers! PLUS, I'll show you how I was able to add way more photos than the kit called for.

How cute are these layouts? I can't take all the credit...they were pre-designed for me. I altered them just a tad to fit more photos, but still kept the integrity of the design. 

But wait...there are more photos not even shown here! Watch my process video below to see how I added more.
Postcard Perfect Cut Above Kit - Layout #1
(3 extra photos shown, plus watch my video to see how I added even MORE photos!)

Postcard Perfect Cut Above Kit - Layout #2
(Added 5 extra photos!)

In this first video, I assembled two of the layouts (#1 & #3) from CTMH's Postcard Perfect Cut Above Layout Kit. There is one more layout that I'll share in another video this week. This kit and collection of amazing tropical-themed coordinating products are only available in May 2018 for National Scrapbook Month (NSM).

Watch the video below or over on YouTube. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

I love that this Cut Above layout kit comes with everything pre-cut and pre-designed, INCLUDING page protectors, so all you have to do is assemble and add photos. Easy peasy! I changed it up a little, while still keeping most of the design and embellishments as intended, but was able to add many more photos on the layout and using my not-so-secret weapon: Pocket Plus Page Protectors.

Want to see more of this luscious collection? Check out my VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of everything available in the Postcard Perfect Collection.

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Journal Pen (my new fave!)
View all Cut Above Layout Kits (some are on clearance!)