Sunday, September 21, 2008

Calling all who wanna get CRAFTY! Let’s help our Military overseas!

I was recently looking at the Bulletin Boards on the Close to my Heart website (for Consultants). I ran across a posting from Nena Short, a Consultant in North Carolina. I was touched by her project and want to help out…and here's an opportunity for you to help too! Here is a summary of what she's doing:

Nena is a military wife whose husband is in Iraq. In March, she originally wanted to send his unit a box of cards for them to be able to send home to their loved ones. Their selections are verrryyy limited and expensive over there. She posted a message on the Bulletin Board to see if anyone had cards they wanted to contribute. Her response was overwhelming, so she is continuing to take on this project, which has been a TON of work for her, so she's had to give some guidelines to follow (below). Cards are going to all branches of service and several overseas locations, not just Iraq.


I would like to extend this opportunity to you ladies. If you would like to contribute cards you've made, or make new cards, please contact me at I'm planning to send a package to Nena by NO LATER THAN October 6 so she has enough time to get Thanksgiving and Christmas cards overseas. She needs them by Oct. 15 in order to get them there in time. I will be dedicating NEXT SATURDAY, Sept. 27 to making cards, so if you'd like to come to my house and make cards (or scrapbook or any other crafting you'd like to do), then let me know. If you can't make it on Saturday, you can still make some cards on your own and give them to me!

Please get your contributions to me NO LATER THAN Oct. 6. I will mail them to Nena on Oct. 7. If you know of a service member who would like to receive a box of cards, let me know, and I will let Nena know. Please see the Guidelines below

Misc. Notes: Approximately 130 cards fit in each box. So just think, in one box of cards will have made over 130 people smile! It costs $10-12 in postage to send a box. Plastic sleeves cost Nena approx. 4 cents each. She covers each card in a plastic sleeve because of the dust and sand over there. Monetary donations are accepted, but only as an act of goodwill. Nena is not asking for money. See guidelines below.

Here is a message from Nena on the Bulletin Boards…

I truly appreciate all the support that you all have given to this wonderful project. I wish I could share more pics of the cards being utilized that have been sent. However, not everyone is able to take and send pics. I will keep you posted as much as I can though. I did receive a message a couple of days ago regarding a package that was received. The box was devoured in just two days!!! LOL They have also sent a request of another box. Many thanks were passed on....and now I am passing this on to you. Without ALL OF YOU, this project would be just wouldn't be.

Thank you ALL for your support!!!



1. All cards must be handmade. However, this does NOT mean that it has to be made with all CTMH products. I am doing this because the commercial cards tend to sit in the boxes and are not being selected like the handmade cards. Plus, this project is represented by a "craft", and I believe it should continue as such.

2. All cards must be the standard size of 4.25" x 5.5". This makes it more cost efficient to cover with plastic sleeves, and easier to organize and ship.

3. All card sentiments are needed and accepted. However, the card sentiments that are in great demand are: I Miss You and I love You. Of course...I Miss You being a HUGE demand.

4. All cards must come with envelopes that fit the card. You don't have to have them all put together, just make sure there is enough in the box to cover the cards you send. I know everyone would prefer to send funds to cover the cost of envelopes, but time wise it really works out better this way.

5. When sending cards from swaps that have recipes on back, please remove the card front and adhere it to a fresh piece of folded cardstock. (This is something only CTMH Consultants need to worry about.)

6. If the cards have names on the back; I generally put a white blank address label over it then stamp it with one of our stamps from the "made by me" stamp set. You can either do this yourself before sending, or I will do it here. However, if it is "your personal name" and you would like for it to stay uncovered, please just send a note with your package stating so, so I don't cover them up.

7. In some cases cards are not available to send, but someone still wants to contribute. Therefore, miscellaneous donation items are also accepted (i.e.; envelopes, blank address labels, clear sleeves, shipping boxes.)

8. Any monetary donations are to be sent only as an act of goodwill. This just simply states that I am not asking anyone to send any money. This project was started from the heart and will continue from the heart. (smile)

From Nena: I know it may sound a bit picky, but it's what will need to be done in order for me to keep this project going myself. I will be covering the cost of the plastic sleeves and the shipping. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you so much for accepting to the new guidelines. It really makes getting the boxes together and to the post office much easier and faster. Good job ladies!!! Keep 'em comin'!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

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