Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Box Workshop - Feb. 21

This 10" x 10" box is perfect for wrapping a special birthday gift, and is also a gift in itself! The recipient can keep birthday cards or mementos inside, or use it for someone else's gift. We will stick to the birthday theme, but after attending this workshop you could also make a wedding or baby box to safely store your memories. The box comes white and we'll decorate it with paper, stamps, ribbon, rhinestones, and liquid glass - my favorite! (Scroll down for your paper choices.)

Cost: $20
Date: Saturday, Feb. 21
Time: 1:00pm
Location: JoDawn's house, Encinitas (contact me for address)
RSVP by Feb. 16

The box is attached at the back, and the front flap is magnetic so it stays secure.

Please choose the paper you'd like to use for your box:

1) Good Times...

2) Let's Get Together...

3) Daydream...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Key to my Heart Card

This is a card I made with the new Key to my Heart paper and stamp set. This set is still available through the month of January for FREE with a $130 order and for $20 with an order of $75 or more. You can shop on my CTMH website at or call me. This is FUN set!

My 2009 Goals Calendar/Booklet

I've set some goals for this year that I REALLY want to reach on my road to doing crafting and working for CTMH full-time! So this booklet will help me get there. It is formed from 6" x 6" page protectors and secured together with ribbon. I used the new "Unforgettable" paper pack and stamp set, and the January "Moments in Time" stamp of the month...

The inside pages each have the month stamped in the top corner and decorated with stamps. Each month looks very similar, so I'm not going to post a picture for each month, but you get the idea. Now I just have to write out my goals (easier said than done)!

This is a great idea for ANYONE! I mean, who doesn't have goals they want to reach? Make sure you're on track to keep up with your New Year's resolution. Once you've reached one of your goals you can check it off the list (the best part)! I think having your goals written down will not only help you in keeping them, but you'll be able to look back at all you've accomplished as the year goes on. I challenge you all to do something like this! I can help if you'd like.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine's Card

I wanted to do a non-traditional Valentine's card, and I'm really happy with how this turned out. I used the new Key to my Heart paper (from the January special). The girl is from the Ms. Sweetheart stamp set...she's one of my favorites! To scallop the the tulip-colored paper, I used the corner rounder (see page 27 of the new Idea Book for instructions on this technique). To color in the woman, I used a blending pen with ink pads. (View the most recent Art & Soul episode on my website for this and other awesome techniques!) I then cut her out and adhered her with pop-dots so she's 3D!

JoDawn's Calendar

Here are some of JoDawn's calendar pages from our workshop on Saturday. If you want to show off your pages, send them to me! If you want to make a calendar, let me know...I'm helping a couple other people do additional calendars, and we can do another workshop.

Well done, JoDawn! Thanks for sharing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My CTMH website is up and running!

Hi Ladies,

My Close to my Heart website is now up and running! Visit it at (I tried to make it easy for you to's like my blog web address. Always thinking of you.) :)

Reminder...TOMORROW (Monday, Jan. 26) begins the 40% off sale. Many new discounted items will be available —from paper packets to accessories...a little of something for everyone at a phenomenal 40% off retail pricing! (Retiring stamp sets will go on sale at 40% off next month.) These items will be available beginning Monday, January 26, at 8:00 am (MT)...only on my website ( Log on early to get the best stuff! :)

If you have a "normal" order to place from the calendar workshop, let me know separately so it goes toward Ashley's hostess rewards :)

Also...If you made a calendar, send me pictures of some of your finished pages and I'll post them on my blog for everyone to see!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Calendar Sample Pictures

Below you will see a picture for each month of my calendar. For those of you attending my workshop, I've posted every page so you can see how many pictures I've use for each month, and how many are vertical/horizontal. If you'd like to go exactly by my calendar, you can select pictures in the same quantities/orientation for your calendar. I will be preparing your kit based on my calendar. But you can also use mine as a guide, and we'll make your pictures work for each of your layouts.

You do not have to bring pictures to the workshop if you still need to get them printed or do not have time to pick them out. You can adhere the pictures later if you'd like. But it would probably make it easier if you can bring them.

I will have everything pre-cut for you, with the exception of the page headlines (Feb. page headline below is "5 months old" will want your own. You want to do some stamping, right?) :) I will have the month headlines done, and will have embellishments, ribbon, sparkles, etc. in your kit...everything you need to recreate my pages (with the paper you selected).

We're beginning with February...
3 vertical 4" x 6" photos

4 vertical 4" x 6" photos (trimmed a tad) and one cut to 4" x 4" (you can cut at the workshop)

2 horizonal and one vertical 4" x 6"

1 vertical and 3 horizontal 4" x 6"

1 vertical and 3 horizonal 4" x 6"

1 vertical and 3 horizonal 4" x 6"
2 horizonal and 2 vertical 4" x 6" (also looks cute as all 4" x 4" photos so they're all square)

one vertical and 2 horizontal 4" x 6"

three 4" x 4" and two 4" x 5" (you can cut at the workshop)

This is an option if you have a bunch of random photos from an event. In this case I had a bunch of photos from a trip to Colorado, and several had the main subjects small enough that I could cut the photo into circles. If you do not have these kinds of pictures, feel free to copy one of the other 11 layouts for November.

for this: 1 almost-4" center photo, 3 almost-3.5", and 6 almost-3"
(you can still do this circle-flower layout with fewer photos, too. But they should stay around 3" to 3.5" to fit properly.

1 horizonal 5" x 7"
January 2010...
2 vertical and 2 horizonal 4" x 6" (Again, would look cute if all 4" x 4")

Thanks for looking :) I'm looking forward to Saturday. Get ready for lots of fun girl time!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Calendar Workshop - Jan. 24 at 1pm

My Calendar Workshop for this month will be on Sat., Jan. 24 at 1pm until ~4pm, hosted by Ashley Evans at her house in Carlsbad. (Calendar will be for Feb 2009-Jan 2010.) If you'd like to come, contact me and I'll give you directions. Cost is $25 for supplies.

I need to order the supplies ahead of time for this workshop, so you NEED TO RSVP NO LATER THAN MONDAY, JAN. 19. You can purchase the workshop below (which confirms your RSVP).

Scroll down for more info...

I will provide EVERYTHING needed...calendar, paper, accessories, etc., and will pre-stamp and cut out embellishments, month title, paper, etc. I know some of you like to do your own thing, so I will have my stamps, inks, and paper if you'd like to do something different (but it may take longer than we have time for at our workshop).

If you'd like to do this workshop but cannot make it at this time, let me know and you can host your own. We can do whichever paper pack(s) you want at whatever time works best for you.

Please choose 1 of these paper packs:

More to Adore...


or Silhouette...

You will use a paper pack and this blank 12" x 12" calendar:

and turn it into a beautiful work of art full of memories! When you're done with the calendar you have 12 beautiful pages to simply remove from your calendar and preserve in a scrapbook!

Scroll down for my pictures & what to bring!

More pictures to come as I continue working on them :)

In order to more efficiently prep for this workshop, I'm having everyone choose one paper pack. But I will have extras if you'd like to trade out different paper and stamp your own titles - or you can trade with others who have different paper packs. (Just know it may take you longer.)


* PHOTOS (see below)
* paper cutter (if you have one)
* acrylic stamp blocks (if you have some)
* any other personal supplies you think you may want to use

You can bring the photos you'd like to use so you know the size/orientation you'll be using, OR you can leave placeholders for the photos and put them on the pages later (anywhere from 2-4, or even 5 smaller ones per page). If you don't have photos in the exact size/orientation or quantity as I've used, we'll make the page work for the photos you have.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Liquid Glass is for more than crafting!

One of my favorite CTMH products is Liquid Glass. It is applied like puff paint and goes on somewhat milky. When it dries it it totally clear and leaves a glassy embossed look. I use it a lot on cards...for example, I made a Christmas card of a palm tree with ornaments on it for my aunt in Florida (sorry, I don't have a picture). I colored the ornaments with colored pencils and then applied Liquid Glass over them. The color looks even more vibrant under the Liquid Glass, and then it also has a glassy embossed look. It's so fun!

Liquid Glass is also a VERY strong adhesive. I use it a lot when I adhere ribbon to my cards or scrapbook pages. It has a stronger bond than adhesive runners. It takes a little time to dry, but dries fairly quickly.

But this little tube does more than adhere your craft projects. It's great for around the house too. I have had this wooden "plaque" of my name since I was a baby. It fell off my shelf and broke about a year ago. I tried fixing it with wood glue and it took too long to dry so I gave up. (I didn't have any fancy tools to keep the wood clamped together while drying.) So it recently occurred to me that I should try fixing it with Liquid Glass. It totally worked! You can see the line in the "m" still, but this sucker is almost good as new.

And then today I was wearing some old tennis shoes. They're not good running shoes or anything, but I still like wearing them on lazy days. The rubber sole was coming off on the heel of one of the shoes. I applied Liquid Glass today and it's already dry and good as new! Now I can keep wearing my comfy shoes without the annoying sole flapping as I walk :)

I know I get obsessed with things pretty easily, but can you blame me on this one? I mean, even if you're not crafty you have no excuse not to get this wonder product. It's only $6.95 (+tax/shipping) from Close to my Heart and the tube lasts a LONG time! I got mine several months ago and have used it A LOT and it's barely a quarter gone.

You can order by emailing me or hosting a workshop/craft party . Contact me at I'm hoping to get a myctmh website soon, and when I do you can order online.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January is National Papercrafting Month!

For the first time ever, January has officially been declared National Papercrafting Month! To celebrate, Close to my Heart has a special offer through the end of the month.

Key to My Heart Kit

The limited edition Key to My Heart paper packet features all four new colors and is accompanied by the large (E-size) Key to My Heart stamp set.

* Spend $130 and get the Key to My Heart kit FREE! ($47.90 value)
* Spend $75 and the kit is yours for just $20

(click for a larger image)

January Stamp of the Month

The January Stamp of the Month (SOM) is available through the end of the month. It's a very useful one this month! As always, the way the SOM works is:

Spend $25 get 25% off (retail is $22.95)
Spend $50 and get 50% off
Spend $75 and get 75% off
Spend $100 and get the SOM for free!

(click for a larger image)

NEW Spring Idea Book is here!

The new spring idea book is in my possession. Is it in yours? Come to one of my workshops or host a party and you'll get your copy! There are some awesome new stamps and papers. Valentine's and spring fun! I'm getting my new stamp sets tomorrow so I'll post some new artwork this weekend :) I'm also going to try to have my Calendar Workshop stay tuned for info on that.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now you can purchase my one-of-a-kind cards!

I now have the capability to sell my creations right here on my blog :)

You have two can simply order the card and I'll mail it to you (with a blank envelope, of course). yourself some time and I'll fill out and mail the card to your recipient for you! When you check out through Paypal, simply leave me a message (there's an option during checkout) of what you'd like inside the card and your recipient's name/address. I'll do everything for you! If you have a special request for a card, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

New Year's Resolution

I received this stamp from a lovely friend, Bobbie, which has inspired my New Year's Resolution: do something creative every day...and keep my blog updated! Enjoy :)

I used the "Delight in Everything" Stamp set from Close to my Heart for this card.