Sunday, January 11, 2009

Calendar Workshop - Jan. 24 at 1pm

My Calendar Workshop for this month will be on Sat., Jan. 24 at 1pm until ~4pm, hosted by Ashley Evans at her house in Carlsbad. (Calendar will be for Feb 2009-Jan 2010.) If you'd like to come, contact me and I'll give you directions. Cost is $25 for supplies.

I need to order the supplies ahead of time for this workshop, so you NEED TO RSVP NO LATER THAN MONDAY, JAN. 19. You can purchase the workshop below (which confirms your RSVP).

Scroll down for more info...

I will provide EVERYTHING needed...calendar, paper, accessories, etc., and will pre-stamp and cut out embellishments, month title, paper, etc. I know some of you like to do your own thing, so I will have my stamps, inks, and paper if you'd like to do something different (but it may take longer than we have time for at our workshop).

If you'd like to do this workshop but cannot make it at this time, let me know and you can host your own. We can do whichever paper pack(s) you want at whatever time works best for you.

Please choose 1 of these paper packs:

More to Adore...


or Silhouette...

You will use a paper pack and this blank 12" x 12" calendar:

and turn it into a beautiful work of art full of memories! When you're done with the calendar you have 12 beautiful pages to simply remove from your calendar and preserve in a scrapbook!

Scroll down for my pictures & what to bring!

More pictures to come as I continue working on them :)

In order to more efficiently prep for this workshop, I'm having everyone choose one paper pack. But I will have extras if you'd like to trade out different paper and stamp your own titles - or you can trade with others who have different paper packs. (Just know it may take you longer.)


* PHOTOS (see below)
* paper cutter (if you have one)
* acrylic stamp blocks (if you have some)
* any other personal supplies you think you may want to use

You can bring the photos you'd like to use so you know the size/orientation you'll be using, OR you can leave placeholders for the photos and put them on the pages later (anywhere from 2-4, or even 5 smaller ones per page). If you don't have photos in the exact size/orientation or quantity as I've used, we'll make the page work for the photos you have.

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