Saturday, January 10, 2009

Liquid Glass is for more than crafting!

One of my favorite CTMH products is Liquid Glass. It is applied like puff paint and goes on somewhat milky. When it dries it it totally clear and leaves a glassy embossed look. I use it a lot on cards...for example, I made a Christmas card of a palm tree with ornaments on it for my aunt in Florida (sorry, I don't have a picture). I colored the ornaments with colored pencils and then applied Liquid Glass over them. The color looks even more vibrant under the Liquid Glass, and then it also has a glassy embossed look. It's so fun!

Liquid Glass is also a VERY strong adhesive. I use it a lot when I adhere ribbon to my cards or scrapbook pages. It has a stronger bond than adhesive runners. It takes a little time to dry, but dries fairly quickly.

But this little tube does more than adhere your craft projects. It's great for around the house too. I have had this wooden "plaque" of my name since I was a baby. It fell off my shelf and broke about a year ago. I tried fixing it with wood glue and it took too long to dry so I gave up. (I didn't have any fancy tools to keep the wood clamped together while drying.) So it recently occurred to me that I should try fixing it with Liquid Glass. It totally worked! You can see the line in the "m" still, but this sucker is almost good as new.

And then today I was wearing some old tennis shoes. They're not good running shoes or anything, but I still like wearing them on lazy days. The rubber sole was coming off on the heel of one of the shoes. I applied Liquid Glass today and it's already dry and good as new! Now I can keep wearing my comfy shoes without the annoying sole flapping as I walk :)

I know I get obsessed with things pretty easily, but can you blame me on this one? I mean, even if you're not crafty you have no excuse not to get this wonder product. It's only $6.95 (+tax/shipping) from Close to my Heart and the tube lasts a LONG time! I got mine several months ago and have used it A LOT and it's barely a quarter gone.

You can order by emailing me or hosting a workshop/craft party . Contact me at I'm hoping to get a myctmh website soon, and when I do you can order online.

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