Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cardstock Desk Caddy

This posting is not only a tutorial and artwork, but a SNEAK PREVIEW from the new summer catalog!!! How cute is this idea? My friend Mandy gave me the instructions for this desk caddy, which originally came from another CTMH Consultant, Pamela Wallace. Special thanks to you girls!


(1) 12x12 cardstock
(2) 12x12 B&T Duo paper, two patterns
(2) 18 inch strips of ribbon

Score the 12x12 cardstock at 4 inches and 8 inches. Turn and score again the opposite direction at 4 inches and 8 inches. Your cardstock is now scored into 9 squares.

Score the corner squares diagonally, from point towards center of paper.

Cut four 3-3/4 inch squares of B&T Duo paper. Mount on each of the four solid squares.

Cut four 3-3/4 inch squares of (contrast or, optionally, same pattern) B&T Duo paper. Cut each diagonally to form triangles. Mount on the diagonally-scored squares.

Punch holes in each of the four points.

Center square leave plain.

Embellish as desired.

Fold on all score lines.

Fold up, folding diagonally-scored squares with crease toward center.

Thread one length of ribbon through two points diagonally across caddy. Thread other the opposite direction. Hold both pieces of ribbon together and tie in bow.


Note 1: you may choose to spray with craft sealer before adding ribbon to give the caddy some protection
Note 2: placing something heavy in the bottom can help keep the caddy from tipping over when filled unevenly -or- about 3/4 inch deep of dried beans or peas can help pens stand upright in the openings

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