Thursday, April 2, 2009

Using a blending pen

I'm the type of person who doesn't just get into something, I get all into it. This especially goes for crafting. My most recent favorite product has been the blending pen. Once I started using it I was hooked! It's like turning every one of your stamp pads into a marker.

Take this Easter card, for example...

The butterfly is stamped in black, and every color you see on him is colored with the blending pen. I used my ink pads. Here's what you do...
  1. While still closed, squeeze the top and bottom of your ink pad together.
  2. Open it up and you should see some ink on the lid. Leave the lid open.
  3. Dip your blending pen (which is essentially a clear marker) very lightly into the ink and swirl it around.
  4. Once you see it pick up some of the ink, color it onto your paper. I like to start out light, and you can always go darker if you'd like.
  5. When you're done with one color, use scratch paper to wipe off all the excess color from your blending pen. Your pen may stain, but as long as you don't see any color coming off anymore, you're ready to go to the next color.
  6. Viola! Instant marker in any color!
If you use your pen a lot like I do, you may want a few of them to use for different color families.

Here are some more shots of the card...

To make the 3D effect, I first stamped the butterfly on the card itself. Then I stamped the butterfly on a separate piece of paper and cut it out, adhering it with 3D foam. Stamping the butterfly on the card first did a couple things:
  1. It helped give the 3D butterfly more depth.
  2. I didn't have to cut out the antennae because they're stamped on the paper - HUGE time-saver, plus it looks better!
You can also use the blending pen WITH your markers. First color with the marker, then color with the blending pen. It will help to give the marker a softer, almost watercolor look. Use with a couple colors...for example, if you're coloring a leaf green and the flower connected to it in purple...use the blending pen to blend the green and purple together and make it look more cohesive.

I hope this inspires you to try the blending pen. I promise you will LOVE it!

Supplies for this card:
Cardstock: Sunkiss yellow and Coloniel white
Stamp sets: Butterfly wings (March SOM) and March Word Puzzle
Inks: black, sunkiss yellow, key lime, amethyst, heavenly blue, baby pink


Mandy said...

Great tutorial.. thanks for sharing! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is super gorgeous! That is such a beautiful technique stamping under the stamp like that. It really gives the butterfly stamp depth and demension.