Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's in a Frame?

What do you think of my new name/logo for the artwork I've been making? (Click here if you don't know what I'm referring to.)

Tad is a soon-to-be new daddy who ordered a baby name frame from me. I knew he was a clever and witty guy so I challenged him to come up with a name for this artwork I've been creating. "Baby frame" just wasn't descriptive enough...especially since I am going to start doing wedding frames!

I love his play on words, but we were still concerned that people wouldn't get it. That's where the idea of a logo came in...where "frame" is emphasized and the tagline makes the nature of the product very clear.

"[This name] promotes the fact that it is only the limits of the customer's (and your) creativity that can stop what can be included within the frame!... And (by the way), you're really talented...I was seriously blown away when I saw them (and all the other stuff you do)." -Tad

Aw shucks...thanks Tad!

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