Friday, October 16, 2009

12 DAYS OF SCRAPBOOK PAGES Day 12: Baby Gifts Galore!

Thanks for taking a peek at my 12 DAYS OF SCRAPBOOKS! I have a grand finale for you today. Not only do you get to see some scrapbook pages, but a whole ensemble I put together for a baby shower gift.

I found this paper at JoAnn's craft store (on sale for 40% off, I might add) that fit the theme of the baby's room absolutely perfectly. Here is the 9"x9" album I made (I still need to finish the other side.) I started with just a plain white accordian album from Close to my Heart.

Here's a close-up of the front, which is chipboard.

The back is chipboard as well.

And here are the inside pages.

I also made a matching keepsake box from Close to my Heart's Memory Keeper box.

Here is the box at an angle so you can see that "BABY" is on 3D foam.

Here's my favorite part of the gift. This is my signature "What's in a Name?" Frame. (I sell if you're interested in one of your own, please let me know.) The mom and dad are still deciding between 2 names, so the blank squares will eventually spell the baby's name. But both names have an "A" so I was able to do one letter so they can see what it will look like. I cut the letters on double-sided sticky paper on my cricut, then covered it in silver glitter. (I use Martha Stewart's's super sparkly!)

This is the matching card I made. You can find instructions to make your own on Lauren Meader's blog here. I cut the monkey out of the paper. Yes, even the tail. It's a little insane, I know. But I do it while watching TV so it's not so bad. Plus, how cute does this monkey look...isn't it worth it?!

And here's everything together. The mom LOVED it! (And so did everyone else at the shower!)

Here is my inspiration for the gifts. This is actually a placemat, but it's hung in the room as wall art. The colors are a bit more subdued, but there is a bright green rug in the room, the color green in these gifts, so I figured it was ok to go a little brighter :)
Thanks for looking and for following my 12 DAYS OF SCRAPBOOKS!

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stephanie said...

SUPER CUTE!! Anyone would love to receive this very special set of gifts. This looks like a lot of time and love went into it. Everything is adorable!