Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12 DAYS OF SCRAPBOOK PAGES Day 9: Los Angelitos Orphanage

Almost 2 years ago some friends and I went to Los Angelitos Orphanage in Tijuana to just love on the kids. We brought them lots of clothes, books, blankets, toys, etc. and played on their playground and went swimming with them. It was such a blessing to be around these kids, who have been in the orphanage where they have hardly anything, and still be happy as can be.

I tried reprinting the bottom left picture about 4 times, and even when it looked bright on my computer screen, it still printed dark. I can't figure it out. But I like the picture so I included it anyway.

See the small date in the bottom right corner? This has become one of my favorite new stamp sets...Save the Date (it also comes in Spanish and French, in case you were wondering). The months and years are the perfect size to tuck in the corner of your layouts. I like to remember the dates and have them look nice, but I don't like them to be in your face. The best part about using stamps from Close to my Heart is that they're clear...so you can see EXACTLY where you're stamping them! I used to use wooden rubber stamps, and I got frustrated because I'm such a perfectionist...they don't mix well with scrapbooking. That's why I LOVE CTMH's MyAcrylix stamps.

I used the Title Topper layout from Reflections. If you don't have Reflections...it's awesome! It's one of Close to my Heart's how-to books on scrapbooking. I told you about Imagine a few posts ago, and this is the same idea but instead of 2-page layouts, Reflections is single pages. There are tons of scrapbook pages as inspiration, complete with cutting guides and instructions on how to make them. But of course, you are free to adapt them for your pictures as necessary. It's a great jumping off point to make your scrapbook pages come together quickly.

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