Sunday, February 14, 2010

Introducing Connor Bradley...and ramblings of my AWESOME week!

The long-awaited arrival has finally come! My nephew, Connor Bradley Evans was born on Friday, 2-12-10, at 7:50am...right on his due date! What a punctual little guy. Here is a picture of him with my sister, Ashley.
And here's a picture of me with Connor once they got home today. He's such a sweetie, and a great sleeper!!
My niece, Madison, is 19 months old and doesn't quite understand what's going on yet. She thinks he's one of her baby dolls and wants to hold him. It's pretty darn cute. But I'll tell ya, my sister and her husband are going to have their hands full...Madison is VERY active and is getting to that age when she likes to say "no" to everything. They are all in my prayers!

This has been such a great week! In addition to a precious new nephew, I also have a new job! On Wednesday I was driving from my house in LA to my see my family (and was hoping a birth too) in San Diego. On my way down, I got a call from Gospel Light Publications, a company I had applied to work at. (They publish Sunday school curriculum, church resource books, and other Christian books.) Well, they let me know they'd like me to work for them on a temp-to-hire basis to try things a position that is perfect for me!!! I am going to start on Tuesday. I am SO ecstatic! When I lived in San Diego I worked for Christian Ed Publishers/Warehouse, and I worked closely with Gospel Light as a Marketing Coordinator, so I already had a relationship with them. They were probably my favorite publisher that we distributed for, so I'm really excited to be working for them now!

I don't normally share much personal information on my craft blog here, so here's a little background info... My husband and I moved to Los Angeles from San Diego in July. He is in grad school for Sport Management and got an internship in UCLA's Athletic Dept (his dream school), so we made the move (although I miss SD immensely). I got a temporary job at Disney for a special project, but that ended Dec. 31, and they're not hiring right now, so I have been part of the 10% of Americans unemployed for the past 6 weeks. Although I am a CTMH Consultant, it is not a full-time job for me, and since I recently moved and do not know many people in LA, it has been hard to get it going again (although I have still been holding CTMH workshops in San Diego). I had originally applied at Gospel Light back in July when we first moved to LA, but they were reorganizing their Marketing dept, then I got the job at Disney. Once I contacted Gospel Light again in January, they were fairly quick to act, and offered me the temp-to-hire job! Woo hoo!

Ok, another reason this is a great week is because I have new teeth. I know this sounds really weird, so here's a little explanation. When I was 7 years old I knocked out the bottom halves of my 2 front teeth. When I was in high school I got porcelain veneers. They lasted for 12 years, and one night in June they just decided to pop off. (Good thing I was sitting at home when it happened...I was mortified even for my husband to see my teeth!!) I went to my dentist first thing the next day and was fitted for new veneers. They do things much differently now than 12 years ago...they're supposed to last 20+ years now! Then I had to go in 2 weeks later to have them put in. BUT the new veneers were not made correctly. They were ok, but not perfect for the huge amount of money they cost! My dentist wasn't very happy with them either. So he wanted to re-do them, but I had just moved to LA and he is in SD. This was a series of 2 more 2-3 hr appointments, so I said I'll do it in a little while, I'm burned out on dentist visits. But then I got a job and didn't want to take any days off to go to San Diego when I was trying to impress Disney, so I had to wait until now to get my new veneers again. And this time they're PERFECT! :) Phew.

To top off my week, I won $20 from a lotto scratcher. I went to 7-11 with my sister the other day so she could grab something (before having the baby), and she got us each a scratcher just for fun. She got me a crossword one since I've been into Scrabble on my iphone lately. It took me a while to scratch off all my letters, but that little scratcher put an extra $20 in my wallet. Thanks, Ash!

Well if you've gotten this far, I thank you for reading my ramblings. I normally don't ramble like this...I like to post crafty pictures :) But I feel like I've made some sweet friends throughout the blogosphere, so I thought I'd share a little more of myself with you. I hope you enjoyed :) And Happy Valentine's Day!

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