Monday, August 9, 2010

D.O.T.S. Days: My Very First Cards

Back in junior high I used to have stamping parties with my friends with a company called D.O.T.S. (Dozens of Terrific Stamps). Some of my friends, my sister, and I would save our allowance and babysitting money to buy stamps and make cards! It was just over 2 years ago that I started wondering what ever happened to D.O.T.S. I did a Google search and eventually found Close to my Heart—the company that was once D.O.T.S.

I immediately found a Consultant near me and had a party, and it wasn't too long after that I became a Consultant myself. I was so impressed with how far they'd come and fell in love (or became addicted, however you prefer to look at it) to the art of papercrafting all over again!

A couple of months ago I moved, and since I was moving farther away from my parents (and would have the space), they asked that I take the stuff I'd been storing in their garage.

Lookie what I found...

All of my old D.O.T.S. Stamps!!! (Well, most of these are D.O.T.S.) Ah, such memories. How many of you remember these stamps?!

Then I dug deeper and found some of the cards we learned how to make at the stamping parties.

WARNING: You are about to witness some shocking images. Don't worry, I am not producing "art" like this any more! :)

Shaker Card
These are some of the very first cards I'd ever made. Cardmaking has come to a whole new level since then, and the technology behind the stamps, inks, paper, and everything else is now revolutionary!

Take a look at what Close to my Heart's stamps look like now...

They're clear! They're awesome! Just cling them onto an acrylic block and you can see EXACTLY where you're stamping for perfect placement every time! And not only are they clear, but they're super high quality. They retain even the finest details and hold ink extremely well (not all clear stamps do).

The stamp set shown above just so happens to be the August Stamp of the Month. You can get it for free by placing an order of $100 or more on my website. You can also get it at a discount for orders of just $25 or more. See how.

Just to prove that I don't produce artwork like that any more, here's one of my recent cards, demonstrating how awesome it is to be able to see exactly where you're stamping. The background of the card is all stamps...I created my own patterned paper with exactly the images and colors I wanted to use! You can't easily do that with wooden stamps.

Check out all of Close to my Heart's clear acrylic stamp sets >>

If you'd like to place an order for CTMH products, visit my website!

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Anonymous said...

I also had most of those D.O.T.S stamps! So funny. I loved the girl sitting sideways with the sunflower. I have since sold them all on Craigslist. I love scrapbooking but not stamping anymore, although it was my first love and what got me into scrapbooking. It was fun to see your first cards, I loved the shaker cards! Becky BRewer

Meli la gringa said...

Thanks a melon for sharing!

RobinJ said...

Wonderful to see your growth over the years!
Hugs, RobinJ

Sheila Bennett said...

How fun to find some of your first stamps and some of your first card creations. It certainly is interesting to see how styles have changed, and how much more sophisticated stamp designs and stamped creations are now.

Audrey McCormick said...

I must say, your first cards are much more appealing than my first scrapbook layouts. They were down-right scary and posting them on my blog would either run my customers off or get me many more when they see the difference once I began using CTMH products.

I am glad that you were able to come across those old stamps and be introduced to the wonderful acrylic stamps that CTMH has now. I started with the old wooden stamps and though I liked them, I rarely got what I wanted out of them. The acrylic stamps are so much easier to use and the results are amazing. Thanks for sharing your story (It'll make a great one for your myctmh mystory section).

Arlene said...

Looking at your early cards was like a walk down memory lane....I had all of those same stamps and made very similar looking cards. Glossy cardstock was totally it....I was a little older than junior high age though! Thanks for the fun post.