Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 Tips for Your Studio J Online Scrapbooking Layouts

Earlier this month I got around to playing with Studio J again to create some scrapbook layouts online. I can't believe how quickly I was able to catch up on my scrapbooking! Each layout takes me about 30-40 minutes to complete, so I was able to get 7 layouts done in just a couple of nights.

I'll share my layouts over the next few days. Here are two that I did of my sweet niece, Madison. This first one was from a while ago, spring of 2009. Glad to finally have these pictures scrapped!
Tip #1: Use the quick-title tool. The title of this layout, "Backyard Fun," is done with stickers. Instead of dragging each sticker to the layout (as you do with other stickers and elements), there is a "quick title" option. Click it, and you can type the title like normal text...it will even line it up for you.

This second layout was from last month when I visited my family in San Diego. My mom and I took Madison out for a special day. We took her to UTC mall where they have a kiddie play area...she LOVES trains! She had so much fun...she rode the train twice, and also went in a jumpie (unfortunately I didn't get any good pics in the jumpie). And as you can see afterward, she was wiped!
Tip #2: Add your own text box. Each layout in Studio J comes with title and journaling boxes. But you may want to add your title somewhere else. In my layout above, I didn't want a title where it was designated, so I took it out, and added a new title, "San Diego," right over the picture. The text boxes come with a vellum background by default, but you can switch it to no background so it will look good over a pictures.

Tip #3: Use stickers for your journaling. Notice my journaling in the layout above...it's done on that fun-shaped sticker! I took out the original journaling block, added a tag sticker where I wanted the journaling to be, and then added a new journaling block on top of it. You can also resize the stickers, so I sized the sticker to fit my text once I finished writing.

Have you played with Studio J yet? What fun techniques have you learned?

If you haven't tried it, you can for free here.

For more information about Studio J, read the post I wrote here.

Thanks for reading my post today!

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