Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board Redo

I've had this little bulletin board forever and I was really tired of it, so I decided to give it a facelift.

I forgot to get the before picture, but the wood frame was the same color as the cork. This is the picture after one coat of white acrylic paint. I just applied it with a sponge brush and mixed a little bit of gold with it to give it a little antique color and sparkle.I didn't worry about getting pain on the cork since I was going to be covering it with fabric.

Once the paint was dry I covered the frame with painter's tape, sprayed a good amount of spray adhesive on the cork, and laid my fabric over it. I then used a craft knife to cut it to size. To give it a nice, finished edge I glued some ribbon around the edges of the fabric with quick-dry tacky glue.

And voila! It's a bulletin board that doubles as artwork with a little pop of color for my craft room!

Thanks for stopping by...happy creating!


Rachel Rusticus said...

catching up on your blog--what a great idea:) I painted the bulletin board in my craft room too, but never thought about fabric...will have to try sometime!

Sheila Bennett said...

Your altered bulletin board looks wonderful. Love the bright, green color. This is a great idea for my daughter's dorm room this fall.