Monday, June 13, 2011

iPad Sleeve & Matching Card: Black & White Damask With Hot Pink

I'm excited to announce that I've perfected my ipad sleeve design!!

Thank you to my guinea pig I am totally in love with how these are turning out! Mandy was actually the inspiration behind this design. She loves damask and teal (as you can see from her blog) the first one I made for her was in teal instead of pink. She loves it! But I wasn't completely happy with my design before. And now I am.

So you can find my cute little ipad sleeves in my etsy shop, along with my {What's in a Frame} line and other cute items. I've already sold 2...both with hot pink and damask...and they both LOVE them!

I can customize it to fit your ipad, kindle, or any other device. You can even use it as a diaper sleeve! This particular one was made to fit an ipad that already has a hard case on it. The sleeve jazzes it up and makes it much more feminine. And us girls like feminine :)

And guess what? I don't charge an arm and a leg. Only $25. I know, I'm crazy. But I know ipad cases and sleeves can get pricey and I want everyone to be able to enjoy a lovely handmade item :) So what are you waiting for...visit my etsy shop now!

I'll even make you a matching thank-you card when you order from me :) 

Thanks for taking part of your day to visit with me. Have a great week! 

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Elle The Heiress said...

I saw this on your FB page this morning! I looooove it! and the matching card is so adorable. If I ever get an iPad, I'll be heading to your shop for one of these lovelies. =)