Monday, October 31, 2011

Are You One of Sharlie's Angels?

Sharlie is a dear friend of mine who desperately needs a double lung & heart transplant. Her life depends on it.

I wanted to pop in quickly today to share a piece of Sharlie with you...she is an incredible wife, mom, sister and friend who is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. To describe her as "sweet" seems like an understatment. But she really is one of the sweetest people I know. She has an incredible positive attitude and outlook on life. Can you imagine living every day as if you're breathing out of a straw? That's her reality. And it's getting worse.

I encourage you to check out her blog, Sharlie's Angels, so that you might be touched as well. Just coming into contact with Sharlie is a blessing!

Here are some tidbits from her fundraising website:

Sharlie’s family and friends are uniting to fund her impending transplant. The transplant, rehabilitation and related expenses could exceed insurance coverage by several hundred thousand dollars. Please keep Sharlie, her husband Ryan and their four-year-old son Harrison in your prayers.

Sharlie is a beautiful, vibrant 32-year-old wife and mother who was born with Cystic Fibrosis. You can get a sense of her indomitable spirit by watching this YouTube video...

She serves as a youth leader in her church and loves being involved in the Cystic Fibrosis community – raising awareness, fundraising, connecting with others with CF online and speaking at CF functions. In 2010, Sharlie was honored with the prestigious “Woman Who Takes Our Breath Away” award from the San Diego Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and was the keynote speaker at the annual CF Gala.

That Shar has lived as long as she has, and delivered a healthy son, was thought to be impossible. Now, however, one of her lungs has failed completely, and the other only functions at 18-percent of normal. When Sharlie’s right lung collapsed, her heart moved over to fill that empty cavity. Because of the damage sustained, we have recently learned that Sharlie needs a new heart in addition to a new set of lungs. Sharlie’s loving light is dimming, like a candle starved of air. Will you join us in becoming one of “Sharlie’s Angels?”

You can visit Sharlie's fundraising website HERE for more information, and if you feel led, donate to her surgery. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Most importantly, if you could keep Sharlie and her family in your prayers, that's the most powerful thing you could do!

I'll leave you with this short video that Jon Foreman of Switchfoot sent to Shar...

Jon Foreman , Sharlie Kaltenbach Benefit from Benny Ek on Vimeo.

My Mom's Fall Cards with CTMH Olivia

My parents visited me in Seattle last week and my mom and I had a crafty day, of course! She loves to make cards but doesn't craft often at home. So when we get together we always make a point to have some crafty time! She is, after all, who I get my crafty gene from :)

These are the 3 fall cards she made while she was here, using the CTMH Olivia paper pack from last year, plus the stamp set that came in the Olivia Workshop on the Go and the Thank You stamp set (my most-used!). I'm definitely my mother's daughter...we both love bling! She used some shiny Making Memories ribbon I recently picked up at Paper Zone.


And she even decorated the inside of each card.

Thanks for visiting! If you leave a comment I'll send it to my mom...she LOVES hearing about her cards :)

Be sure to visit my blog beginning tomorrow and throughout November for the beginning of my series on...

I'm going to be sharing lots of budget-friendly Christmas cards as well as tricks of the trade to make your crafting supplies go farther. See you then!

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Typeset Card with CTMH Art Philosophy + Crafting on a Budget Series

I made this card for a sweet crafter friend who lives many miles away, but I've stayed in contact with via Facebook. (Hi, Becky!) Don't you just love technology?!

I used a kraft base with strips of paper from CTMH's new Typeset paper pack. The bracket shape was cut on my Cricut using the Art Philosophy cartridge, at 2-1/4" and 2-1/2". The stamp is from A Little Thanks.

Becky loves to scrapbook, has a Cricut, and wants to get back into stamping, so I've been talking to her about Close to my Heart. But as we addicts hobbyists know, it can be expensive to build your collection. This got me thinking...I have lots of money-saving ideas for crafting. I should do a series on it. So, stay tuned beginning November 1 for my blog series on...

Since Christmas will be here before you know it I'll be focusing on Christmas and holiday cardmaking and projects. I'll be sharing budget-friendly, yet spectacular cards, ornaments, decor, scrapbook pages and more. Plus I'll be including lots of tutorials to show you how you can recreate the projects at home!

I'll be using stamps for a lot of projects for a couple of reasons...
  1. I love stamping.
  2. Stamping is very cost-effective because stamp sets are an investment that keep on giving! (i.e. budget-friendly!)
So be sure to join us throughout the month of November so you can craft the Christmas season away...on a budget!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

FREE Sample of CTMH Clear Acrylic Stamps

I have a friend who is interested in Close to my Heart's clear acrylic stamps and I wanted her to see how they compare to other clear stamps in the industry. Since we live many miles apart I couldn't let her use my CTMH goodies, so I decided to send her a little sample of CTMH stamps.

The froggie and "Hoppy birthday to you" below are from CTMH and the "Mom and Me" stamp is from a set I purchased at Michael's.

I'd love to send you a sample of CTMH's stamps as well, and you can see for yourself why I can't stop raving about them. (See how below.)

You'll be able to tell in no time that Close to my Heart's stamps are no comparison...their quality is far superior than any other clear stamps I've seen! And after being spoiled by high-quality clear stamps, there's no way I could use rubber can't see where you're stamping!

Let me break it down for you...
  • Close to my Heart's stamps have just enough "stick" to cling to your acrylic block and the carrier sheet with no problem, yet the "other guys'" stamps take some crazy pulling and peeling to get off the carrier sheet. And once you do pry them off, they don't stick very well anymore.
  • CTMH's stamps are made of high-quality polymer that holds finite details, and those details show in your stamping. The "other guys'" stamp is splotchy and does not create a very crisp image.
  • CTMH's stamps come with a foam backing sheet. This is useful to put under the paper you're stamping on to give a little cush as you press your stamp against the paper. It helps get you an even crisper image...especially with solid images.
  • CTMH's stamps come in a 6.5" x 6.5" see-through plastic envelope, which makes storing and finding them a breeze. Most "other guys'" stamps don't come with any type of envelope, much less a nice, durable one like Close to my Heart's.
  • CTMH's stamps will live a long, fruitful life, while the "other guys'" stamps will get gummier over time (I have proof!). And since they don't stay on their carrier sheet and don't have a protective envelope, they may slide right off, never to be seen again.
Would you rather pay $4.99-$14.99 for the "other guys'" stamps that will frustrate you and won't last very long, or $6.95-$17.95 (for the 6.5" x 6.5" size) for a high-quality set that you'll invest in and get years and years of use from?

To claim your FREE stamp sample:
  1. Email me at jaymalew {at} gmail {dot} com with your mailing address
  2. Include which types of stamps you have used and what kind of crafting you enjoy
  3. "Like" my Facebook page
  4. You must have not used CTMH stamps before
  5. U.S. only
I have a pretty good, but limited supply of free stamp samples, so be sure to act quickly. Feel free to share this opportunity to try CTMH's stamps with your friends!

Happy stamping!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

My NEW Ikea Expedit Craft Room!

I have been wanting an Expedit shelving/desk system for quite some time. Especially after moving to our home in Seattle, where I now have a large craft room with 2 big windows that provide ample lighting. (For the record, this is actually an "office" according to my hubby, because he shares the room with me.) I have a big wall on my side of the room and the space wasn't being used effectively with my old desk.

But alas, with the medical bills from my hubby's appendectomy a few months ago, and that small issue of me not having a job yet, it just wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Enter my parents. And my birthday coming up. Do you get where I'm going with this?! My parents visited last week, and when my mom saw my craft room...erm, office...she agreed that it had such potential. She knows that I craft a lot and also work on freelance projects from home, so a new system with more desk space and storage was really a necessity (first-world problems, right?!).

My parents were SO extremely generous and offered to buy my DREAM Expedit setup for my birthday!

My mom helped me plan the space. We took measurements. We went to Ikea, just she and I, and somehow got all those ginormous boxes on the cart all by ourselves. We brought home my new ensemble, and my sweet hubby put it ALL together for me!

Are you ready?

Are you sure???

Ok....My amazing Expedit shelving and desk masterpiece...

This setup includes 3 Expedit bookcases (4x2 cubes), 1 Expedit Shelving Unit (5x1 cubes), and 1 Expedit desk. Looks kinda like an entertainment center ;) Well, this is MY entertainment center!

I already had all the cute green boxes, also from Ikea. They look so neat and tidy in their little cubbies. Do you see the curtain wire I hung my cards from? Awe.Some. I used to have my cards displayed on the window sill, but it looked cluttered. This adds a fun artistic element to the room.

I love having my Cricut Expression right next to me while I'm sitting at my desk. Notice it matches my walls? I painted our entire house before we moved in this past August, and fell in love with this paint's Martha Stewart Lagoon. And I got my Expression just last month, so I chose the pretty aqua one to match my new walls :)

Since this desk is quite deep, I had room under the desk to put a scrapbooking cart and some plastic drawers that I already had. There's still PLENTY of room for my feet, and when I scoot my chair in you can hardly see that it's cluttered under there.

I also added a Jetmax storage filing cube next to my desk. I already had the Jetmax cube on top of it, but love the file drawer addition to hold all of my CTMH paper packs. (I can't believe they all fit in there...albeit squished!) My dad put the cube together for me and used some wood glue to make it extra sturdy.

I hope you enjoyed my new craft space. If you have any questions or want to see anything closer, just let me know! I may do another more detailed post on how I organized everything. Let me know in a comment if you'd be interested in that.

Thanks for visiting!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Use the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge Creative Features

I've had a number of people ask me what all the shapes are on CTMH's new Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. There are 700 of them, can you believe that?! This cartridge is so much more value than any other cartridge I've seen on the market. I've posted a series of photos below to show you every shape on the cartridge!

If you are familiar with Cricut cartridges, you know there are the basic/base shapes (what you see on the keypad itself), as well as up to 6 additional creative features. In this case: Font, Font Layer, Tag, Card, Layer, and Decorative Layer. By pressing a combination of these buttons and sometimes the "shift" key, you get a variety of shapes to choose from, at any size you want! (See below for a quick tutorial.)

Here are all the different shapes on the Art Philosophy cartridge!

(Click any image to view larger.)

Now you may be wondering, "How do I get all these shapes from one keypad?" Let's use this cute little bag as an example.

Refer to the "Font Layer" keypad above. All images in gray mean that you need to press "shift" to access them. To cut this bag, you're going to press Shift + Font Layer + 3rd white button from left on top. I wanted the bag as big as I could get it, so I also pressed the "Fit to Page" button on my Cricut Expression machine. Then press CUT.

I hope you better understand the creative features of the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask me!

If you are ready to purchase your Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge, CLICK HERE!

Happy Cricuting!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Discounted Stamp Sets for Sale

Hi everyone!
Thanks so much for helping me get some control over my stamp stash! I've sold most of what I previously listed for sale!

I just went through my stamp sets again and found some more that are harder for me to part with, but I must. I listed them at great discounted prices on my Stamp Sets for Sale page.

Here are some of the recently-listed items, but there are more, too...


Check them all out >

I still have paper kits and some tools/accessories for sale, too! Like my 6" x 12" Cricut personal cutting machine for only $50!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snowflakes, 3D Flowers & Burlap Bag Using Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge

Hi everyone!
I haven't been creating quite as much as usual because I've been job-searching. But I do have this fun bag to share with you.

I used the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge to cut out the bag and pushed the "Fit to Page" button (you'll need at least a 12x12 mat). The size of the bag once all folded up is perfect for giving a gift card...and the presentation is a gift in itself! I also cut out the 3D flowers and holly leaves with this cartridge. It has everything!

How fun are the 3D flowers?! They are SO easy to make with the Art Philosophy cartridge. There are actually six 3D flowers to choose from! I cut these ones at 4", 3.5", and 3", then inked the edges, and twirled them round and round and adhered with hot glue. (You can also use quick-dry tacky glue or liquid glass, but I opted for hot glue because it dries fastest and I'm impatient.) Once the flowers were assembled, I curled and scrunched the edges down a bit to make them look more natural. Then I used hot glue to adhere everything onto the bag, since I had it out.

The snowflake paper is from The Christmas Stack from DCWV a few years ago, and the fun burlap is from Paper Zone...a great store I found pretty close to my house :) I was able to cut the burlap with my paper trimmer, then frayed the edges a bit. To add a little more fun and depth to one of the leaves, I stamped some polka dots from the CTMH Spot On stamp set (retired). You can use any stamp, background or otherwise, to jazz up your leaves.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great rest of your week!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cricut Machine and New Cricut Tool Kit for Sale

I am SO excited, I ordered a new AQUA Cricut Expression machine!! It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow...can't wait! Isn't it cute?!
This means that my original Cricut is for sale, and for a great deal...I'm only asking $50, and it's VERY gently used! I am including 2 new mats with it, but it does not include a cartridge. (You will want to head over to my Close to my Heart site and order the Art Philosophy Collection, though.) I also have a brand-new still-in-the-package Cricut tool kit that I'm asking $15. (That's cheaper than Amazon!)

If you're interested email me at jaymalew [at] gmail [dot] com. I also have lots more craft goodies for sale HERE. If you would like more than one item, make me an offer :)

Some of the other items for sale include a CTMH MyAcrylix stamp set organizer, lots of stamp sets, paper kits, rub-ons, and more. Check it all out >

Check out all the Stamp Sets, Paper Kits, and Tools/Accesories!

Also, if you spend just $50 in supplies from my CTMH website in October, you can buy this adorable stamp of the month, Holiday Magic, for just $5!
Shop now >

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

$400 worth of CTMH supplies for just $99?

Want to know how you can get $400 worth of CTMH supplies for just $99? Well read on, because I can't wait to tell you about the October special! 
Consultant Kit $99 (nearly $300 value)
When you purchase the New Consultant Kit for just $99 (plus shipping/tax) in October, you'll receive an add-on collection of your choice for FREE! Add-on collections are normally priced at $40 each and have a retail value of up to $130, making this an incredible deal! And if you'd like, you can pay $40 for any of the other bundles! You can purchase the kit purely for the goodies OR as a business—it's up to you!

 Elemental Add-On Bundle

Roxie Add-On Bundle

Studio J Online Scrapbooking Bundle
(12-month membership + 5 layouts)
A Few Reason Why You Should Join CTMH...
  • Discount on supplies to make your family's Christmas cards
  • Discount on supplies for all your scrapbooking and cardmaking
  • Plethora of ideas and inspiration on the corporate bulletin boards
  • Online business and creative training in the Training Academy
  • Friendships with other awesome CTMH sisters
  • Support from me every step of the way!
You want to use CTMH as a hobby, not a business? No problem! You can purchase the Consultant Kit purely for the goodies. You don't have to be an active Consultant. If you are anything like me, you'll spend at least this much on craft supplies this month anyway. So, why not treat yourself to the BEST products on the market and get a whole shopping cart full of goodies?! Take advantage now >

Or...If you've been thinking you could use a little extra money to support your addiction hobby or treat yourself to a little vacation, now is the perfect time to join the CTMH family! If you have a few friends or family members who scrapbook or make cards, they're sure to fall in love with these products! You'll also receive a discount on your own purchases, or even some free products by hosting your own gatherings!

Or...If you're a power seller and want to make a flexible, fun career of sharing your passion with others, this is a great opportunity to jump-start your business!

What Happens Once I'm a Consultant?
Once you purchase this kit you'll also save 22% on anything else you purchase while you remain an active Consultant. (That means 22% off the new must-have Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge!) You have 1 full quarter to meet your $300 sales minimum...this is usually accomplished in one home gathering. But even if you don't make your sales for the quarter, you simply drop to a Junior Consultant and receive 10% off your purchases. To remain a Junior Consultant you only need to sell $100 per quarter. On top of receiving this awesome discount, CTMH is very generous with their compensation plan (free products, trips, etc), is great with recognition, and is truly supportive of your business! Plus, I'm here to help you every step of the way! I'd LOVE to have you join my team!
Sign up today!
But beware...once you go CTMH, you may not go back! Let me tell you just a few of the reasons why I LOVE Close to my Heart.

Easy Color Matching
Close to my Heart's product line features 60 exclusive colors. When I use Close to my Heart paper, I know which colors are used in the design, and I can choose the cardstock, ink, ribbon, buttons, brads, etc. that match my layout perfectly. Layouts and cards come together so much faster and easier!
Coordinating Paper Kits
I love that CTMH's paper comes in kits. Each level 2 kit comes with six 2-sided patterned papers (cardstock weight), plus 4 colors (6 sheets) of coordinating cardstock. This gives you enough paper for at least 12 layouts or a ton of cards!
Clear, Durable Stamps
Close to my Heart's MyAcrylix stamp sets are another huge reason why I LOVE this company. The best part is that they're clear, so you can see exactly where you're stamping and never have to guess your placement. This comes in very handy when you create your own patterned paper by random-stamping, like this flowered paper.
The acrylic stamps come on a clear acetate sheet, peel off easily (unlike stamps I've bought at craft stores), and cling right onto the clear acrylic block with ease. You can use them time and time again, and if they start losing their stick, simply wash with mild soap and warm water. POOF! They're just like new again. Plus they store neatly in their envelope, taking up little space! The stamps are made of very high-quality polymer that will last a long time, and hold even the finest details.
I feel so lucky to have found Close to my Heart because I truly feel they have the best products on the market and do an amazing job of staying current and ahead of trends. Becoming a CTMH Consultant was one of the best decisions I ever made. Seriously! I've connected with other Consultants and scrapbookers all over the country, my artwork has vastly improved, I am constantly learning new techniques and tips, and I've burst out of my shell and now talk to people and meet other ladies I wouldn't normally have met! (I used to be super shy!) Plus I've realized the depth of my TRUE passion. 

To learn more about me and Close to my Heart, read my "About Me & CTMH" blog page.

Take advantage of the Consultant Kit at just $99 + a FREE add-on bundle of your choice HERE.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paper-Decoupaged Stone Tile Coasters

Since I just moved, I got to redecorate my house. I wanted to make some coasters that tied all the colors of my living room together...what better way to do that than with paper?!

I used stone tiles from Home Depot...they came in a pack of 9 for around $5 (I forget exactly how much). I have also used the cheapo 16 cent tiles but they don't have the pretty stone detail on the sides like these do :) I cut the paper about 1/4" smaller than the tile so the stone would create a border.

I used a paint brush to paint Mod Podge onto the tile, then covered it with paper, and coated again with Mod Podge. I used 3 coats to make sure it was good and sealed. Then another finishing coat of Clear Acrylic Sealer spray to make sure it's all sealed well. (You can skip the spray sealer and your coasters will be fine..."sweat" from drinks will make a ring that then disappears once it dries. But the Mod Podge also leaves a little stick behind.)

Once everything is dry, attach some "feet" to the bottom to prevent scratching on your tables. I used felt stickers from Home Depot (less than $2 for a bunch of them). You can also use cork.

To make it even more personalized, you could add photos to the center of your coaster, or use your Cricut to cut out monogram letters.

The blue paper is from CTMH Emporium (retired) and the yellow is from Mayberry. The green and red paper is from Stampin' Up and I believe is retired.

Thanks for stopping by!