Saturday, October 29, 2011

FREE Sample of CTMH Clear Acrylic Stamps

I have a friend who is interested in Close to my Heart's clear acrylic stamps and I wanted her to see how they compare to other clear stamps in the industry. Since we live many miles apart I couldn't let her use my CTMH goodies, so I decided to send her a little sample of CTMH stamps.

The froggie and "Hoppy birthday to you" below are from CTMH and the "Mom and Me" stamp is from a set I purchased at Michael's.

I'd love to send you a sample of CTMH's stamps as well, and you can see for yourself why I can't stop raving about them. (See how below.)

You'll be able to tell in no time that Close to my Heart's stamps are no comparison...their quality is far superior than any other clear stamps I've seen! And after being spoiled by high-quality clear stamps, there's no way I could use rubber can't see where you're stamping!

Let me break it down for you...
  • Close to my Heart's stamps have just enough "stick" to cling to your acrylic block and the carrier sheet with no problem, yet the "other guys'" stamps take some crazy pulling and peeling to get off the carrier sheet. And once you do pry them off, they don't stick very well anymore.
  • CTMH's stamps are made of high-quality polymer that holds finite details, and those details show in your stamping. The "other guys'" stamp is splotchy and does not create a very crisp image.
  • CTMH's stamps come with a foam backing sheet. This is useful to put under the paper you're stamping on to give a little cush as you press your stamp against the paper. It helps get you an even crisper image...especially with solid images.
  • CTMH's stamps come in a 6.5" x 6.5" see-through plastic envelope, which makes storing and finding them a breeze. Most "other guys'" stamps don't come with any type of envelope, much less a nice, durable one like Close to my Heart's.
  • CTMH's stamps will live a long, fruitful life, while the "other guys'" stamps will get gummier over time (I have proof!). And since they don't stay on their carrier sheet and don't have a protective envelope, they may slide right off, never to be seen again.
Would you rather pay $4.99-$14.99 for the "other guys'" stamps that will frustrate you and won't last very long, or $6.95-$17.95 (for the 6.5" x 6.5" size) for a high-quality set that you'll invest in and get years and years of use from?

To claim your FREE stamp sample:
  1. Email me at jaymalew {at} gmail {dot} com with your mailing address
  2. Include which types of stamps you have used and what kind of crafting you enjoy
  3. "Like" my Facebook page
  4. You must have not used CTMH stamps before
  5. U.S. only
I have a pretty good, but limited supply of free stamp samples, so be sure to act quickly. Feel free to share this opportunity to try CTMH's stamps with your friends!

Happy stamping!

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