Friday, October 28, 2011

My NEW Ikea Expedit Craft Room!

I have been wanting an Expedit shelving/desk system for quite some time. Especially after moving to our home in Seattle, where I now have a large craft room with 2 big windows that provide ample lighting. (For the record, this is actually an "office" according to my hubby, because he shares the room with me.) I have a big wall on my side of the room and the space wasn't being used effectively with my old desk.

But alas, with the medical bills from my hubby's appendectomy a few months ago, and that small issue of me not having a job yet, it just wasn't going to happen any time soon.

Enter my parents. And my birthday coming up. Do you get where I'm going with this?! My parents visited last week, and when my mom saw my craft room...erm, office...she agreed that it had such potential. She knows that I craft a lot and also work on freelance projects from home, so a new system with more desk space and storage was really a necessity (first-world problems, right?!).

My parents were SO extremely generous and offered to buy my DREAM Expedit setup for my birthday!

My mom helped me plan the space. We took measurements. We went to Ikea, just she and I, and somehow got all those ginormous boxes on the cart all by ourselves. We brought home my new ensemble, and my sweet hubby put it ALL together for me!

Are you ready?

Are you sure???

Ok....My amazing Expedit shelving and desk masterpiece...

This setup includes 3 Expedit bookcases (4x2 cubes), 1 Expedit Shelving Unit (5x1 cubes), and 1 Expedit desk. Looks kinda like an entertainment center ;) Well, this is MY entertainment center!

I already had all the cute green boxes, also from Ikea. They look so neat and tidy in their little cubbies. Do you see the curtain wire I hung my cards from? Awe.Some. I used to have my cards displayed on the window sill, but it looked cluttered. This adds a fun artistic element to the room.

I love having my Cricut Expression right next to me while I'm sitting at my desk. Notice it matches my walls? I painted our entire house before we moved in this past August, and fell in love with this paint's Martha Stewart Lagoon. And I got my Expression just last month, so I chose the pretty aqua one to match my new walls :)

Since this desk is quite deep, I had room under the desk to put a scrapbooking cart and some plastic drawers that I already had. There's still PLENTY of room for my feet, and when I scoot my chair in you can hardly see that it's cluttered under there.

I also added a Jetmax storage filing cube next to my desk. I already had the Jetmax cube on top of it, but love the file drawer addition to hold all of my CTMH paper packs. (I can't believe they all fit in there...albeit squished!) My dad put the cube together for me and used some wood glue to make it extra sturdy.

I hope you enjoyed my new craft space. If you have any questions or want to see anything closer, just let me know! I may do another more detailed post on how I organized everything. Let me know in a comment if you'd be interested in that.

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Tammy said...

This is beautiful! We are in the processing of moving and the built-ins I have in my current craft room are of course staying with our house...I am frantically looking for furntiure for my new craft room. Thanks for sharing!

gscrapbooks said...

LOVE IT!!! I also love your wall color, beautiful! I love those shelves, I have one set. They are the bomb! Enjoy your new set up and get to crafting!

Ki said...

Your room is beautiful and so cheerful. You used a great inspiring color for your room. I also love the shelving unit.

Amy said...

I LOVE it!!! I have the big expidite shelving and I really wish I went with two smaller ones instead. They are white and currently I don't have a craft room so it is in my girls room...maybe when I get my craft room back I will do something like this.

Amy said...

Ok forgot to say your parents rock! I have my cricut on a little tiny skinny dresser and I pull the dresser out when I use it. What do you do with yours? I love the set up of it on the little shelf but what about as the paper is going in and out. Do you just pull it to the edge? Just wondering. Thanks...again LOVE the set up and the colors.

Jayma Malme said...

Thanks everyone! Amy, I pull the Cricut to the edge when I'm using it. Works fine for me!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful space! I love IKEA. The Expedit system is great! That's what is on my wish list. Maybe you can share your mom? My birthday is in January! ;)


~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

Just amazing! Love it! beautiful!

scrappinposse said...

Love it Jayma! Great job. You have great parents who support you in what you do. Beautiful job.

Stephanie Davis said...

Thanks for the inspiration Jayma! Love the way you set up the Expedit! I wish I had an Ikea where I live now...