Sunday, November 13, 2011

Give Your Accessories a Facelift With Spray Paint -- Your Budget Will Thank You

How many of you have old picture frames that you are tired of looking at? Maybe the color doesn't fit your decor anymore, or it's outdated, or you're just bored of it? *Raises hand*

Last spring I spray painted just about every old frame in my house to create a unified gallery wall in my (old) craft room. You can see my post about it HERE. (It includes a tutorial on how to spray paint and how to create a flower rosette-embellished mirror!)

I had so much fun with that project that I got a little obsessed with spray paint! Now I see everything with new eyes: I see it for its potential. 

Enter this picture frame. I found it at Marshall's on clearance for $5. You can see why. It looks gaudy and ugly! But I bought it. Because I could change it.

A couple of coats of black spray paint later, I have a stylish frame that matches my home! That's my cutie pie hubby and nephew in the photo. :)

Looks like a different frame, right?!

Budget Breakdown
  • Old frame (free) or clearance frame ($5)
  • Fraction of a can of spray paint ($5ish for the whole can)
How many accessories do you have in your home right now that could use a facelift?

I hope you've been enjoying my Crafting on a Budget series. More to come throughout the rest of the month! Like the wedding bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres I created for my good friend Melissa's wedding using the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge. I cannot WAIT to share them with you, complete with a tutorial. Here's a peek...

Happy crafting!

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Crafty Texan said...

Looks GREAT Jayma! I love the sneek peak too. :)