Thursday, March 15, 2012

Save 10% on Your CTMH Order!

My new website is looks fantastic, I'm so excited! To celebrate, all weekend I'm offering all orders a 10% cash back reward or free CTMH goodies sent to you valued at 10% of your order! (I'll send you 10% back via Paypal or send goodies of your choice separately.) Shop at and be sure to click the "March 15-18 ORDER HERE" link to place your order and get 10% back!

CTMH Corporate just announced that the Scrapbooking How-To Book Reflections is now SOLD OUT!! The Cardmaking How-To Book Originals will sell out soon! So get yours before they are gone!! All of the how-to books are retiring so when they're gone, they're gone. I LOVE these books and am sure CTMH has something else up their sleeves, but these books are must-haves! Get yours now >


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