Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Wedding Invitations

I've been married for 5-1/2 years, but I've never shared my handmade wedding invitations with you! I figured since wedding season is upon us, one of you may find some inspiration from them :)

I made them long before I began this blog...they were actually the first cards/invitations I ever made. And I had never even taken decent photos of them until recently.

I went to a wedding show and found a little company called The Invitation Factory. She had all kinds of wedding invitations on display and I fell in love with this one. It's hard to tell, but the darker creme paper is shimmery.

Her business is out of her home, and what she does is design the invitations, then pre-cuts/scores all the paper for you and gives you the supplies & templates, then you assemble and print the necessary items. The paper is amazing...very high-quality...she said it was imported from Italy.

As you can see, this invitation is fairly involved (especially for a beginner). Lots of pieces to print and attach together. There was also a response card in the pocket but I don't have it anymore. It was just a little shorter than the Directions card so it layered perfectly.

I put together all 150 of the invitations on my own and enjoyed every second of it! It was my first time folding on scored lines, using glue dots, and adhering paper together with a tape runner. Who knew paper crafting would become such a huge part of my life?!

I also created these programs. But no template/design help here...I created these guys with my mom. I wish I had a picture of the inside and back...they are just as lovely.

Awwww...the happy couple. This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day!

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Amy said...

Aww these are so beautiful!!! You both look super happy and you look so beautiful!

I made my invites too maybe I will share in the near future as I am about to make my daughters.