Friday, October 26, 2012

Pictures & Details of My Annual Christmas Card Workshop

Last weekend was my Christmas card was so much fun!

The way I do it is All-You-Can-Create. I used to do this type of workshop with my friend Jen when I lived near her in Fresno and it was well-received, so I kept at it! Each card has its own station with all the supplies provided, pre-cut and prepped. The ladies will rotate around to the different stations and create as many cards as they want/can in the 2 hours they are given. I had 10 card designs (and tags) prepped and ready for them to assemble, along with the sample card to refer to. I supplied the pre-cut paper, adhesive, foam squares, inks, daubers...everything needed to create the cards.

Doing it this way is kind of a lot for one person, so if you have a CTMH Consultant friend in your area (especially if you are a newer Consultant and have not built up your supplies yet), you may want to consider teaming up. The hardest part in planning is making sure you have enough blocks (I keep the stamps on the blocks for them), inks, etc. for each station.

Our room had several 6' tables...I used 5 of them, 2 "stations" at each table, with the chairs for each station on opposite sides of the table for maximum elbow room :)

Here's what a few of the tables looked like mid-workshop...

I scheduled half an hour before starting to use for my instruction. I went around to the different stations and explained the technique they will be using and a basic step-by-step of how to put the card together. Some of the ladies were new card-makers and some were seasoned, so as they worked I went around the room and helped those who needed it.

I used the last available table as my display/for sale area.

And here are the cards/tags/gift card holder we made!

Many of my cards were inspired by other crafters. I'll be back next week with posts for each of the projects with more details and links to my inspiration.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my team's "My Favorite {CTMH} Things" blog hop...Christmas style! I am ecstatic to share my project!!! (Can you tell I'm already in the Christmas spirit?) ;-)

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Norhalma said...

Thanks for posting these photos and beautiful projects!

Kigz said...

Thank you so much for posting this info! I love the idea of adding the tags. Planning for mine now! :) Cannot wait until the big reveal tomorrow!!!!

Karina said...

Thanks for posting, great ideas!

Robin said...

What an awesome idea and love the projects!!! Just sent you a PM on facebook. thanks so much for sharing with us.

Cropalcoholic!! said...

Looks as if everyone enjoyed themselves. What a great workshop.

Kimber said...

Hi, I am a CTMH consultant and love this idea and would like to try this with my customers. Do you mind me asking how much you charge your customers to come to the workshop?