Thursday, August 15, 2013

New-Home DIY Projects: RED Paint!

I haven't been posting here as often because lately I've been knee-deep in DIY projects. We purchased our first home about a month ago, and have slowly been completing our DIY to-do list. It was mostly move-in ready, and the only room we were planning to paint was Kailyn's nursery. But it turns out I just really can't stand white walls! And we wanted to make this home our own before Kailyn we decided to tackle some extra projects. I wish I could whip through them faster, but at 8 months preggo, it's hard to do any of it!

Here are a couple projects we did recently with RED paint!

First, the front door. I used to LOVE purple, but I'm not as fond of it anymore...especially this periwinkle color. I've always wanted a red front door, so we made it happen!
Here's a bigger/better photo. I love our cute little house :)

And here's a close-up of the bright red door! The hardware was gold, so I spray-painted it black. Now we just need to change the address numbers to plain black...those purple flowers don't match anymore!

The next RED paint project was our dining room. Here's the VERY before picture. Obviously Oslo was quite the helper when moving in :) Actually, my mom was a life-saver: she came up for 9 days to help us unpack and get organized. I couldn't have done all the bending and lifting and putting away without her, since my hubby had already started his new job! Here's looking from the kitchen into the dining room...

And here's another before shot...after we finished decorating but decided we NEED to paint because we HATED the boring white wall.

Ahhh, much better! I love the dramatic red! We used Behr Ultra with Primer (which I learned really doesn't have's a marketing ploy for better coverage). But regardless, this only needed 2 coats and a few spots needed 3. (The front door needed FOUR coats!)

Here's a different angle. Oh...we also painted the fireplace grill. It used to be gold (as seen in the before pics), and we used a high-heat black spray paint. (Don't worry, when I painted it was well-ventilated and I took lots of breaks. Plus used a low-VOC water-based paint.)

Now the only thing left to do in the dining room is get REAL chairs! And I'd also like to spray-paint the chandelier black. Really, I'd like a new one, but spray paint is a great (and cheap) fix for now :) And, down the road, I would love all the doors and edging to be white...but the WHOLE house is glossy oak, so that's a BIG job for a much later date.

I'll share more DIY projects soon. I can't wait to share Kailyn's nursery with you, but it's not quite finished. I decided to paint her bathroom, too (surprise, surprise). So...I'll share her nursery and bathroom when I finish. But I'll have more to share before then.

Happy DIY-ing :)


Kigz said...

LOVE the red!!! Oooooo, I can't wait to see her rooms!!! :)

Sheila Bennett said...

Love the red doors and walls. It gives a house such a 'homey' feeling.

Tammy said...

Love the red door! Such a cute house! Congrats!!!