Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Techie Name Frame for a 5-Year-Old Boy

Hello! Here's a name frame I created recently that is very different from any I've done! I love creating new things :)

I had a request for a frame with a technology theme...my clients' 5-year-old nephew is into computers, cell phones, ipods...anything that has to do with technology. So I scoured my local craft stores and found no such embellishments. Until I checked Hobby Lobby's online store (because I don't have one near me anymore). HL saved the day! I found some cute 3D embellishments to decorate Evan's frame.

The computer and ipod embellishments originally had just a clear piece for the screens, and I didn't like it, it looked kind of cheap. So I made my own screens by cutting some white cardstock to size and covering with shiny silver acrylic paint (I had to add some bling somewhere!). Then I added some detail with a white paint pen. I also used the same silver paint to cover the chipboard letters for his name and tied some black baker's twine to add some texture.

All of the background squares began as plain cardstock (in CTMH Sky, Slate, Pacifica, and Black) and I dressed them up with stamps! Oh how I love using stamps to create my own patterned paper—I especially love the tone-on-tone look! The grid is from Noted Backgrounds, the dots from Hit the Spot, and the numbers from Capture the Date. All of those stamps are retired from CTMH, but you can use ANY stamps you have! I particularly love Universal Backgrounds, In the Background, Distressed Backgrounds, and the NEW Geometric Backgrounds.

Evan's aunt loved the frame, as I'm sure Evan did, too :)

Happy crafting!

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