Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Master Bedroom and Bathroom: Wall Paint & Spray Paint

Ok we're back to sharing another DIY project. It's probably no surprise that I LOVE color. I wanted the master bedroom in our new house to be full of bright colors, because living in the Pacific NW, it's gray and dreary about 9 months of the year. I found this fun comforter set that makes me happy just looking at it, so it was the inspiration for our master bedroom.

But the bright comforter just wasn't enough for me. Our room was in desperate need of paint. By looking at my blog, you can tell I am quite fond of green, so I matched the wall to our comforter. Much better :)

Since we didn't have a lot of time (or energy) before Baby Kailyn arrived, most of our painting projects were focal walls instead of doing all the walls in a room. I love how just one green wall gives our room the pop that it needed!

It's come a long way since our first night in the house. It sure was great to have a Sleep Number bed while moving. It breaks up into small pieces instead of a huge mattress and box spring, so we were able to bring our king-size bed with us instead of putting it in the moving truck.

Of course, once our bedroom looked bright and cheery, I couldn't have a plain white bathroom. I'm also a big fan of aqua, so that's what we did for our master bath. Although, I must say, even after painting samples on the walls, I'm not entirely happy with the has more green in it than I wanted. But at least it's better than white...and I can always change it down the road.

Here's the BORING before shot.

Tada! It livens everything up!

I love this pastel aunt made it for us.

I also wanted to update the bathroom fixtures like the towel bar and ring, light fixture, etc. The previous owner loved shiny gold. At least these have mostly silver, but I don't like shiny. So I just spray painted them! Some went into Kailyn's bathroom and some in ours.

I used the Rustoleum 2X coverage paint in metallic aluminum and really liked it. I can definitely tell a difference in the number of coats it needed. There are several metallic finishes to choose from. Now, this isn't a perfect fix...the paint can still scratch off if you're not careful. But for towels and a light fixture that you'll never touch, it works well and saved us lots of money!

I hate this light fixture, but at least it's not shiny silver/gold anymore!

That's it for my master bedroom and bathroom update. I'll still be sharing Baby Kailyn's nursery and bathroom with you just as soon as I can put the finishing touches on it. I have limited time now that she's here :)

Happy DIY-ing!


Lalia H. said...

I love that comforter! It looks like a watercolor painting.

Lalia H. said...

I love that comforter! It looks like a watercolor painting.

Lalia H. said...
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Kigz said...

The comforter is so gorgeous and happy! The wall makes the entire room...what a daring color! Love all the little changes that make such a big difference...and love the bathroom color! :)