Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY Butterfly Baby Crib Mobile Using Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge + Video Tutorial

Hi there!
Oh I know I've made you wait for more nursery posts for far too long. Kailyn is almost 5 months old already...where does the time go?

But I've saved my favorite nursery decor item for last. Kailyn's butterfly mobile was SO much fun to make. It was a lot of trial and error, but I got the basic idea from Mandy's mobile for Baby Londyn HERE.
I used the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge from CTMH to cut out all of the butterflies at 1-3/4". Then I hot glued them onto clear jewelry monofilament (like fishing wire) on each side so they sandwiched the monofilament and stayed in place. At the end of each strand, I tied an iridescent glass bead for some extra sparkle.

(Edited to add: Art Philosophy cartridge is retired, but you can find some butterfly cuts on the Artbooking & Artistry cartridges as well.)

Here is my how-to video, you can watch below or over on YouTube. If you like this video, be sure to subscribe to my channel. Be sure to scroll down to see more still shots and details!

I used an 8" gold hoop from Joann Crafts. I tied monofilament in an X across the inside of the hoop, which divided it into 4 equal parts. (I secured all the knots with a dab of hot glue). I added 8 butterfly strands around the hoop itself, each with 5 butterflies hanging down. I wanted a chandelier look, so I then added 4 strands of 6 butterflies (slightly longer) from each "arm" of the X inside the hoop. Then there is one more strand of 7 butterflies hanging from the very center. So the center hangs down longer than the outside, and it also has a bigger bead at the bottom.
I made it more girly and frilly by tying tulle around the hoop. I cut hundreds of pieces of tulle to 1/2" x 2" and tied tied tied for what seemed like forever! But I think it's totally worth it :) The tulle is very thin so I added 3 of each color in a row for a more color-blocked look. If I were to do it over I may even do 5 in a row. You could also spray paint the hoop to a color of your choosing and leave it showing, but I wanted the frilly look.

TIP: The green tulle I used has glitter on it. Do NOT use glittery tulle for your baby's falls off everywhere! I had to shake it off really well so it wouldn't fall as much and I may even spray it with some sealer. I try not to touch it at all! To make it move while she's in her crib I blow on it. LOL!

Most importantly, Kailyn loves to look at her mobile. (Photo taken almost 2 months ago! She's so much bigger now!)

Next time I'll share her WHOLE nursery! My mom made her quilt (among other matching items)...isn't it adorable? More pics to come!

Want to make your own mobile? Maybe butterflies aren't you thing? CTMH's Cricut cartridges have thousands of images to choose from. See them all >

You can find my post about Kailyn's paper-covered name letters HERE.

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Mandy Leahy said...

Turned out so cute!!! :)

Dawn's Daze said...

Beautiful project and baby!!

Kigz said...

Jayma, this is gorgeous! That is too funny about the glitter! She is definitely going to leave a trail of glitter everywhere she goes! ;)