Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kailyn's Garden-Theme Nursery

Finally! The big reveal. Gosh I'm sorry this took so long. Turns out babies take up a lot of time. ;)

I'm really proud of how Kailyn's nursery turned out and I'm excited to share it with you. We moved into our new house in Eugene in July and Kailyn arrived in August. I had less than 2 months to move and plan/execute her nursery. My mom helped A LOT. She came up from California for 9 days after we moved to help unpack and paint. Thank goodness for awesome moms! My hubby was already working and I couldn't have done it on my own being so pregnant and exhausted.

I didn't finish all of the decor items until after Kailyn was born. I've shared each of them individually previously on my blog (I'll link throughout the post).

The nursery theme is "Garden." I wanted really bright, vibrant colors and lots of flowers and bugs. Here's what it looks like as you walk in the room. Complete with dog. This is Oslo's favorite place in the entire house. :)
{click photo to enlarge}

This is the view to the right as you walk in. This dresser used to be my grandma's and I kept it knowing I'd want it in my child's room someday. :) I made the "K" on the dresser. You can find details HERE. (Note: the "K" is being published in Provo Craft's Cricut Idea Book {yay!} so I will need to temporarily take that blog post down which features it. It will return in July.) I spruced up a plain green lampshade by hot-gluing ribbon around the bottom.
{click photo to enlarge}

This is the other side of the room. That door goes to her bathroom. I found those awesome chevron baskets on clearance at Michael's. Score! This changing table is very special to me. It was MY changing table as a baby and my dad made it! And not only did he make it, he had a terrible accident as he was making it and sliced off the tips of 2 fingers on the table saw. Blood, sweat, and tears literally went into it!
{click photo to enlarge}

That super comfy glider came from my sister. She used it for her daughter, who is now 5, and shipped it to me on a pallet from California. She had it shipped to my local UPS store so that I wouldn't have to pay the $50 residential fee. My hubby was out of town with his Tahoe when it arrived, and I was impatient. So this is how you fit a glider into a Mustang! I had to make 2 trips to get the ottoman too! The nice employee helped me get them into the car since I was 8 months pregnant, but I got them out on my own...they actually slid out quite easily. :)
When I was planning the nursery I couldn't find any crib bedding that I loved. I was very specific about the color scheme. My mom has made a quilt for each of her other 2 grandkids, so I asked if she would make the quilt as part of the bedding. I had seen and loved quilts that were stripes going all the way across instead of the traditional squares, so I requested that and sent some photo inspiration to her. Then I asked her how hard it would be to make a dust ruffle. So began my quest to create this very custom crib/nursery ensemble!

My mom also ended up making the dust ruffle, valance, a pillow, and an adorable hanging organizer! I was so touched when I opened everything at my baby shower...I know she put such thought and time into everything and I couldn't be happier with how it all turned out. She's like me when it comes to details. Every fabric was carefully chosen, the order of each color/pattern was tactfully thought out, and it was all sewn with love :)

Here's a close-up of the quilt and dust ruffle. I don't know why the dark magenta has an orange tinge in the photos. I tried editing it but it's still not right. It's a very true magenta!

Here is the valance. Love those flowers! (Again, don't know why the magenta looks orange.)

Here's a closer look at the hanging organizer and pillow. I couldn't find a curtain rod short enough for the organizer so I bought a wooden dowel and round wooden knobs at Jo-Ann Crafts. I cut the dowel to size with my hubby's circle saw (yes, I did it myself), then I simply glued the knobs with hot glue and painted it all white. It's resting on 2 nails.

{click photo to enlarge}
This "K" frame is the very first thing I made for her nursery. You can find details HERE. The shelf is showcasing my favorite baby shoes. I have a thing for shoes (don't all women?), and baby shoes are just the cutest!

Here is a closer look at the wooden letters I decorated to spell her name. More detailed post HERE.

Last but not least, my favorite item I made...her butterfly crib mobile (and her at just over 2 months)! This is very different from anything I've made before and I had a great time making it. More detailed post HERE. (The colors of the quilt in this photo look much closer to the real thing!)

I wish you could see everything in person...the photos really don't do the room justice. It's so bright, fun, and makes you happy. Kailyn loves being in her room. She loves staring at her valance while she's on the changing table, happily plays with her toys on the floor, and as you can see enjoys watching the mobile from her crib. It's the perfect nursery for us :)

Thanks for checking out my blog today. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into our home.


Dawn's Daze said...

Everything you and your mom made is beautiful! Kailyn is a very lucky girl! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Dawn M.

Paula said...

Jayma... what a lovely and bright nursery! And so girly. :)
I wish I could sew like your mom! What a gorgeous set she made. I would have loved to do something like that for our granddaughter.
And the special decorations you've made are so inspiring... I absolutely adore that mobile!
You have created a lovely space for your new little girl, and I can see why she likes it in there so much :)
Thanks so much for sharing this space with us.

Kigz said...

Hee, hee! You are so right about that! Spend all the time you can with her. :) The room is just perfect! You chose amazing colors for each element. The mobile is stunning, and that letter K is my favorite feature! You will want to give it a special shelf soon, hahaha. She will be mobile in no time! Thank you, Jayma's mom for helping her so much with this huge project and for all the fun surprises!

Jen Patrick said...

Geez girl! Her room is A-MAY-ZING, down to the very last detail! You can see the LOVE in that room, and of course Oslo feels the love in there :) Plus I suspect he may be a tad bit jealous of that baby taking your time...
Beautiful beautiful room!