Tuesday, June 3, 2014

100% of Father's Day Card Guide Profits Going to Adoption Fund!


I am over-the-moon EXCITED for my friends Andrew and Amy. A year an a half ago they came home from Russia with two ADORABLE kiddos. Kids who had lived in an orphanage their entire life—malnourished, starved for love and affection, in need of a forever family. After a long adoption process, these sweet children were able to go home with their new family, just ONE MONTH before Russia closed its doors to adoption with the US. Talk about timing!

Guess what?! Andrew and Amy have decided to adopt another child—a little girl! From Africa!

They have told their story much better than I can:
Read their story >

It's amazing to see the transformation of their beautiful, happy kids, and get a glimpse at Andrew and Amy's incredible hearts!

$5 Helps Bring Their Girl Home
Traveling to Africa and the whole adoption process is incredibly expensive, and I would love to help them reach their goal.

I am donationg 100% of the profits from my Father's Day Card Guide to their Adoption fund. Since my card guide is a download, it is already almost 100% profit (less my Etsy/Paypal fees), so when you buy the guide for only $5, most of your money is going to helping bring this sweet girl to her forever home!

Think of it this way: Donate $5 to the Adoption Fund, and get my guide to make these adorable Father's Day BBQ Apron cards as a bonus! :)

Read More About Andrew & Amy's Adoption Journey
If you are interested in reading more from Amy, she's a very captivating writer! Here of some of Amy's Favorite Posts >

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