Thursday, December 10, 2015

12 Days of Christmas CTMH Style: Decorate the Boss!

This video is so cute, I had to share it! Close To My Heart employees got into the Christmas spirit by using our scrapbooking products to decorate Brian Holman, the COO, as if he were a Christmas tree. 

Here’s what was used:

12 Sheets of Paper
11 PML cards 
10 Spools of Twine
9 Christmas Stamp Sets
8 Fun Assortments
7 Rolls of Washi
6 Base & Bling
5 Gold Foil Tape
4 Complements
3 Watercolors
2 Embossing Powders
And a Sticky Boy on top of Brian’s Head

Watch the video on YouTube >

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Kartenhexle said...

Thanks, Jayma!!!
Greetings, Katrin