Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mixing Pocket Pages & Traditional Scrapbook Layouts + Pocket PhotoPrinting Tips

Hello! Welcome to the Stick it in a Pocket Blog Hop! You may have come from Stephanie's blog, but if not that's ok because this hop is a circle. Enjoy!

Today I have a scrapbook layout to share with you. But not your typical 2-page layout. When I had my daughter I started doing more Project Life-style scrapbooking because it's a little quicker (CTMH calls it Picture my Life - PML). But I am still a 12x12 traditional scrapper at heart. So when I realized that I can mix the 2 styles in one album I was stoked! I love the results! 

**See my tips on mixing these pages at the end of the post**
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The left page is the traditional 12x12 scrapbook page. I did lots of layering and mixed some Becky Higgins Project Life embellishments with CTMH embellishments and a rhinestone heart from Hobby Lobby.

TIP: This is the back of the above page. If you are adding layers to a page, cut out a portion of the middle so that you aren't wasting all that pretty paper that would otherwise be covered up!

And here is the right page, which is a pocket page. I LOVE the colors of this paper (I forget the manufacturer...oops!) and I love these fun pictures of my girl.

Adding wood veneer is one of my favorite things to do right now. You can color the wood any color you want...I use alcohol markers which work great! Adhere with glue dots.

I also used an alcohol Marker to color the "11 Months" title. They are canvas stickers that were originally white.


TIP #1: One of the tricks I have found for making pocket pages is to edit your photos first: crop them how you want and then print them at the size you need for your layout. Here's what I do...
  1. PicTapGo app for editing. I think its best feature is "lights on," which does a great job of lightening photos that are too dark. It also has lots of other filters, which you can use as intended or at a % of filter "strength." For example, if I have a dark photo, I can use "lights on" to lighten it, and I can even try "lights on" again to to even lighter, then bring it down 50% if the 2nd time was too light. You can add layers of different effects and even save "recipes." That way if you take a lot of photos in the same spot in your house, and say you used 5 different filters, you can edit each photo with one tap to apply the same filters. 
  2. PicFrame app for 3x4 (or smaller) photos. I like this app because it saves the collage in high resolution, which is what you want for printing. Not all of the collage apps do this because so many people use collages just for Facebook, Instagram, etc. Pocket pages typically have 4x6 and 3x4 photo spots. I don't want to waste a 4x6 print that I'm going to cut down to half its size anyway, so by putting 2 photos into a 4x6 photo collage, you are saving your paper! The app adds a border around the photos by default, but you can take the border out so that you have true 3x4 photos once you're finished.
  3. Selphy printer to print. I love the convenience of the Selphy, especially at a crop and especially if I'm doing pocket pages and am not sure what size I'll need each photo. The only downside I've found of the Selphy is that it's finished size print is slightly less than 6", so it leaves a little gap in your packets. But it doesn't bother me enough to not use it. The prints are good quality and the convenience can't be beat!

TIP #2: Picture My Life pages are just slightly larger than traditional 12" x 12" because of the seams between the photo pockets. But with CTMH's awesome D-ring albums and page protectors, you can hardly notice. They blend seamlessly and it totally works! Plus they always lay flat in your album. I LOVE the high quality of CTMH.

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Shelly Nemitz said...

How sweet. Such an adorable baby. Of course these pictures deserve an amazing layout like this.

Amie Kiger (Kigz) said...

Beautiful layouts!!! She is SUCH a doll. I do love how you combined the pics on the PML layout--and how you offset them towards the middle. Gives a great feel to make the most of the slightly smaller pic size--which I have also not minded thanks to the ease of my Selphy! Also, good to know I am not the only one who can't recall names of papers and collections. ;)

Coelle said...

You have a darling daughter...great pics of her! Thanks so much for all the VERY useful tips on pocket scrapbooking and the apps can help so much!

Anonymous said...

Love all of the tips and tricks! I also loved how you colored the canvas letters with your alcohol markers! I used canvas/fabric letters on a recent layout and I always forget about my markers as an option to color those types of things!