Thursday, October 5, 2017

Scrapbook Walkthrough: Year 2 Scrapbook Album-in-Progress for Baby Girl


This is the 2nd video in my Scrapbook Walk-through series. See Year 1 HERE. Although I try, I don't always get around to posting every layout on my blog. Plus sometimes it's fun to see them on video instead of just in still photos, so I thought I'd share all of my albums that I'm currently working on.

I like to mix 12x12 scrapbook layouts and pocket page layouts (Project Life/Picture My Life). This is not a complete album but I wanted to share what I have completed with you.

Watch the video below or HERE on YouTube.

This is from my daughter's "Year 2 Scrapbook." I recently finally decided how to organize my scrapbooks:
  • Year 1 is from birth through 1st birthday for my daughter (first born)
  • Year 2 is the remainder of the year (Aug-Dec 2014) from first birthday plus the full next year (2015)
  • Then it will go by years, so book 3 will be just 2016, then 2017, etc.
  • My son was born in 2016, but he will be mixed in with the rest of the scrapbooks (poor kids after the first born - they get jipped!) 
Let me know if you have questions or would like to see anything close-up. Thanks for visiting!

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mn36 said...

Love your album.
So true, I have so many photos from my daughter, first born and had time to make her albums, that changes when more than one child no time. To take photos let alone make albums.

Jayma Malme said...

Thanks so much! So true! Thanks for watching and visiting. ~hugs~