Saturday, February 2, 2019

Some of My Favorite Non-Crafty Things

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I wanted to do this post right after the new year but didn't get it done until now. I know you come here to see my artwork and crafty posts, but there are some non-crafty things I've bought in the past year and love, so I thought I'd share in case they help you, too! We'll be back to our regularly scheduled crafting in my next post.

I used Amazon affiliate links at no additional cost to you, but rest assured, any time I share anything with you it's because it's tried-and-true and something that I LOVE and use for myself and my family.



I use these every night to take off my makeup before I wash my face. I love love love them. I get a package every month with Subscribe & Save to save a little more - the price is cheaper than any store I've seen them at! Learn more >


This sounds weird, but these silly little shoe inserts have been life-changing. I injured my foot several months back and could hardly put pressure on it. When I went to the doctor he said I probably tore a ligament and rather than get x-rays, first try Spenco shoe inserts (he recommended this brand by name because of the hard plastic support under the cushy top part). He said they'll give me the support I need to keep the ligament in place and heal on its own.

Guess what? It worked! I am so thankful my doctor recommenced this rather than going through costly and time-consuming x-rays. My ligament is now healed but I keep these inserts in my running shoes and in other shoes in which they fit. I can tell a difference in how my feet feel at the end of the day in addition to being so thankful that they helped my torn ligament heal. Learn more >


I was recently on the hunt for some boots to replace the Uggs I've had for 20 years. Yes, TWENTY YEARS! They are still comfy and in one piece but are very faded and worn-looking. Although those boots have proven to me that Uggs are worth the cost, they just weren't in my budget. So I was on the hunt for the perfect boot that was warm and cozy, but still comfortable and nice quality.

I tried Bear Paws and many other brands, both in local stores and 6 pairs I bought on Amazon. I returned 5 and kept these ones. There are lots of cute ones out there, but some have super thin soles and feel like you're not walking on anything, or they are not comfortable. I didn't want CHEAP, I just wanted something to last a few years at a lower price point than Uggs. So, these are the ones I kept. I have never heard of Dream Pairs, but these are comfy, cozy, and the sole is not paper thin. I can also fit my Spenco shoe insoles in them, which is a huge plus! Learn more >


I am gluten-intolerant and do not like baking from scratch. My husband recently started making the now-popular Kodiak pancakes for himself and the kids, which are packed with protein and they all love! When I saw these gluten-free protein pancakes I thought I'd give them a try, and they don't disappoint! They are easy to make and taste good, too! They are not like typical pancakes because of the protein, which makes them more dense, but I love them. Learn more >


If you use a Selphy printer like I do to print your 4x6 photos on-demand, I have found the best deal for the refills to be Amazon. And if you use Subscribe & Save you can save an extra 5%. Learn more >

(I made a video on how I print my photos on the Selphy and use a Collage app first so that I can print them at various sizes smaller than 4x6.) 



Santa gave this roller-coaster toy to my kids this year and it has been a HUGE HIT!! They ride on it pretty much every day - it's perfect for indoors during the winter months. My favorite part about this one vs similar toys is that it comes apart and all fits nicely in the base for easy storage or travel! Learn more >


My daughter needed a new water bottle to keep in her backpack for school, so I looked around and found this cute one for her. I liked that it was spill-proof AND super cute AND under $10 - score! This is the one she chose but there are lots and lots of different designs for boys and girls. Learn more >

When my son started preschool he needed a little backpack. I found several options on Amazon, then showed him and let him choose...he chose this shark! It is SO cute and nice quality! I love that the flap for the front pocket is a dimensional shark mouth. The other huge plus for me is that there are 2 zippers for the big opening. A lot of the cheap-o character backpacks (like my daughter's) have only one zipper, but the 2nd zipper is a game-changer for me so that you can close them both to meet at the top rather than zip all the way around to the side. I will definitely be looking for this feature in my daughter's next backpack. Learn more >



I have a dog, a cat, and young kids who have accidents. (More accidents from the tiny humans than I'd care to admit.) So this is a MUST in our house. I like this cleaner because it doesn't have the harsh chemicals of others on the market, it doesn't smell bad/like chemicals, and it works well! Learn more >


If you are looking for a dog food with good ingredients but is not over-the-top expensive, this is a good one. I think it's a good value for what you get. We switched to this dog food a few months ago after my co-worker (a food ingredient scientist) recommended it. My husky loves it! Learn more >

There you have it, some of my favorite non-crafty things. Let me know if you have any questions :)

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