Thursday, February 21, 2019

When I joined CTMH I Never Expected These Things to Happen! | My Story

I'm getting REAL today.

Maybe a little TOO real.

I had a hard time hitting "publish" on YouTube. Because, well, I wasn't expecting the emotions that came flooding out in this video. I didn't realize this topic would be so emotional.

Actually, I hadn't really planned much of what I was going to say. I had some ideas and kept rolling with the punches. I don't normally think well off the cuff, but when you're this passionate about something, and it's something you're MEANT to share, it just happens.

I know that this video is meant to help people. To help some special ladies (or gents) realize their passion and find their sisterhood.

If you have not found your "tribe"...I encourage you to DO IT. Whether that is with CTMH or something else. Everyone needs to find their passion and their people. The people they relate with, feel comfortable with, have things in common with.

Find it and hold on to it and never let it go!!!!

So, here's my RAW, REAL video about my story.

This is how I was introduced to stamping, DOTS, and Close to my Heart.

I'm sharing why I joined Close to my Heart, how I've made it work for me as an INTROVERT.

How I am actually getting more comfortable in front of people!

How I've grown personally and why I've stayed for over 10 years, despite my obstacles.

*You may want to grab a tissue.*

If you prefer, you can watch over on YouTube. I'd love if you subscribe while you're there :)

What Now?

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